Network "Social Trauma"

A DAAD-supported research network in Central and South Eastern Europe

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hamburger

Coordinator: Carmen Scher MA

Since 2012 the IPU Berlin has been a member of the international study and research network "Social Trauma", which was founded together with partner universities from the Balkan region and neighboring countries. The network's goal is to investigate the multifaceted topic of social trauma from a trans-regional and interdisciplinary perspective. In addition to a series of collective research projects and publications on the topic, the network is jointly offering the elective course "Social Trauma" (CST) in the framework of an annual international summer school.

In the following you will find information on the different periods of the research network, about summer schools and conferences held by its partners and publications.

Network "Trauma - Trust - Memory (TTM)": 2013 - 2016

Network "Migration - Trauma in Transition (MTT)": 2017 - 2018

Network "Social Trauma in Changing Societies (STICS)": since 2019


The "Social Trauma" network has been financially funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 2013.