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Newsletter Archive

IPU Campus News 05/2020
Successful Reaccreditation
The IPU is and will remain a university. It was awarded its status as a Universität back in 2014 by the Senate of Berlin as confirmed by the German Council of Science and Humanities.

IPU Campus News 04/2020
IPU's Corona Blog: Psychoanalysis in a Pandemic
As members of IPU, we are combining our strengths to show our university’s spirit in these strange times.

IPU Campus News 03/2020
Restrictions due to Coronavirus
Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has reached Berlin. This means that IPU is also facing some changes.

IPU Campus News 02/2020
About the state approval of IPU as a training institute
In the future, training will be possible in tiefenpsychologisch fundierter Psychotherapie as well as analytical psychotherapy.

IPU Campus News 01/2020
Perspectives on Dedicated Humanism. On the occasion of Erich Fromm's 120th Birthday.
We welcome you into 2020 and wish you a happy and healthy start to the new year.


IPU Campus News 12/2019
Summer School 2020
Before the holidays begin and the year 2019 ends, we would like to inform you about new developments at the IPU.

IPU Campus News 11/2019
Hartmut Rosa from Jena as IPU's Guest
With every start into the winter semester, the year already nears its end. Yet we still have a few events planned before Christmas that we warmly invite you to.

IPU Campus News 10/2019
IPU Celebrates its 10th Birthday
The 10-year anniversary of IPU’s opening will be celebrated with a variety of events. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dorothea Huber will start it off with a talk on the topic of burnout—what to do within the dialogue forum Psychoanalysis meets Organisation.

IPU Campus News 09/2019
Erich Fromm Lecture 2019
The graduates of the IPU are exceptionally satisfied with their studies and appreciate the professional relevance of their course contents. This is shown by the representative survey results of the Graduate Panel 2017 of the Institute for Applied Statistics (istat), in which degrees at several universities were compared with each other.

IPU Campus News 08/2019
Studying at IPU: The New Image Film
August is usually a quiet month at the IPU: lecture halls are deserted and the holidays still in full swing. Our next events are coming up in September. 

IPU Campus News 07/2019
Holidays Have Begun
Like every summer, the halls of the IPU get quieter. The last lectures of the summer semester are held this week and the summer holidays begin!

IPU Campus News 06/2019
Long Night of Sciences
In the summer temperatures, radioeins visited IPU during this year’s “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” to report on the evening live from the IPU library.