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Important information regarding increased risk of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection
All advanced education events have been postponed until approximately July 20, 2020 (according to information from March 20, 2020). Further information regarding the time afterwards will follow in due time. Cancellations by IPU will result in a complete refund of already-paid fees.

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Welcome to the Department of Advanced Studies and Trainings at the IPU Berlin

Do you want to continue your education and gain additional qualifications? Then the IPU Berlin is the right place for you! We offer specialist knowledge at university level, excellent transfer of knowledge between university and practice, the expansion of professional key competences for clinicians and consultants as well as a transdisciplinary exchange with members of different professional groups.

The IPU Berlin's advanced training courses are psychodynamically oriented. Therefore we aim to understand the individual against the background of its history, conflicts and under the influence of the unconscious. A constructive, (self-)reflective confrontation with a topic on the basis of the professional experiences of the participants is central to our further training courses.

Numerous renowned scholars with many years of experience in practice, teaching and research teach within the framework of the advanced training events at the IPU Berlin. They know how to present content in a well-founded, lively and descriptive way. The IPU has excellent learning and working conditions with state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Our events are evaluated regularly and are oriented equally to the needs of the participants and to the standards of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians and the Berlin Chamber of Psychotherapists. The contents are scientifically sound, practice-related and are continuously developed and updated further.

Our services address both clinicians in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology and medicine, as well as professionals in the social and educational sciences, theology and health.

Current Advanced Training Events

Mentalization in Individual and Group Psychotherapies

From November 29, 2019

Psychoanalytically Oriented Psychodrama

27/28 March 2019

Psychodynamic Psychosis Therapy

From January 17, 2020

Parent-infant Psychotherapy

From January 24, 2020

Disorder-oriented Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

January, 31/February 1, 2020

Psychoanalytical Traumatology

August 14/15, 2020

Transference-focused Psychotherapy (TFP) for Borderline Personality Disorder

From February 7, 2020

Operationalisierte Psychodynamische Diagnostik (OPD 2)

15./16. Februar 2020

Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnosis in Childhood and Adolescence (OPD-CA-2)

On February 21/22, 2020

Psychotherapy of Emotions VI

October 16/17, 2020

Psychodynamic Relationship Therapy in the 21st Century

From August 21, 2020

FAQ Advanced Studies and Trainings

Questions and Answers on the Advanced Studies and Trainings Programm of the IPU Berlin

Our offer is primarily aiming at practitioners and clinicians in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology and medicine. However, our offer can also be of interest to professionals from the fields of social and educational science, theology and health.

Yes, the IPU can be easily visited by handicapped people.

You can find contact details at the top of this page under „Please contact us“.

You can register with us via e-mail. You will find further information on registration at any subpage of the specific event.

We try to process all registrations and other requests as quickly as possible and you will usually receive feedback from us within three days. If this is not the case, you are welcome to send us a reminder or call us during our telephone hours if you have a specific request.

If there will be a free spot left, we will contact you as quickly as possible.

Cancellation must be made in writing by the end of the 14th day before the beginning of the event. Until then, you can cancel your participation free of charge and your participation fee will be fully refunded. After the 14th day there will be no refund. However, you can nominate a substitute person with the necessary qualification to take your place.

Please send your cancellation to: fortbildung(at)

The IPU is a recognized educational institution according to the Berlin Educational Leave Act of 24.10.1990 (§11.1) and the Act on the Regulation and Promotion of Continuing Education in the State of Brandenburg (15.12.1993, GVBI p.498). Employed persons are entitled to ten working days within a period of two consecutive calendar years. For employed persons up to the age of 25, the educational leave amounts to ten working days in the calendar year.

You can find further information under:

There is no entitlement to educational leave in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saxony.