Designated Representatives

Trust named Persons (teaching)
Prof. Dr. Christine Kirchhoff
Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke

Trust named Persons (mediation)
Benjamin Duhs
Prof. Dr. Christine Kirchhoff

Quality Management / Organisational Development
Wiebke Stelling

Ombudsperson in questions of good scientific practice (external)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf-Peter Warsitz

Data Protection
Jörg Drobniewski

Work Safety
Work Safety Expert: Michael Schindler
Doctor on Campus: Dr. Liane Frank
Rainer Stöcker

Emergency Manager
Rainer Stöcker

University Employee Council (Betriebsrat)

The University Employee Council is the representation for employees of the IPU Berlin according to the Labor Management Relations Act.

Questions and concerns can be directed securely to the Employee Council by email.

Diversity Representatives

Anna Bykoriz, Student B.Sc. Psychology – Chairperson
Prof. Dr. Phil C. Langer
Prof. Dr. Konrad Schnabel
Jacob Segler, Student M.A. Psychology – Chairperson

The Diversity Representatives advocate for all issues and interests that protect and advance the understanding of diversity at the IPU Berlin. As orientation, the Diversity Guidelines describe policies and goals of the university regarding its overall dealings. The representatives regularly review and update the guidelines. Suggestions and considerations about the guidelines are welcome.

Regular tasks include team meetings every 14 days as well as participation in the academic senate and univeristy appointment committee.
The goal is to maintain and encourage a climate of openness, education and sensitivity at the IPU Berlin. Not only studying and working should be accessible to all persons, but also personal development.

If you have experienced discrimination, the Diversity Representatives will support you discretely and confidentially: diversity(at)

Current Projects

  • Developing a language concept
  • Facilitating easy access to cost-free menstruation products at the IPU Berlin (currently available at the Info Point; availability in restrooms is underway)


Concluded Projects

  • Participation in the Proudr LGBT+ Campus Index Audit
  • Constitutional establishment:
    • Diversity Chairperson's right to speak and petition in the Academic Senate will be established in the next update of the university constitution
    • Shaping and conceptualizing the Diversity Working Group