Designated Representatives

Trust named Persons (teaching)
Prof. Dr. Christine Kirchhoff
Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke

Trust named Persons (mediation)
Benjamin Duhs
Prof. Dr. Christine Kirchhoff

Quality Management / Organisational Development
Wiebke Stelling

Ombudsperson in questions of good scientific practice (external)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf-Peter Warsitz

Data Protection
Jörg Drobniewski

Work Safety
Work Safety Expert: Michael Schindler
Doctor on Campus: Dr. Liane Frank
Rainer Stöcker

Emergency Manager
Rainer Stöcker

Diversity Representatives

Anna Bykoriz, Studentin B.Sc. Psychologie - Chairperson
Natascha Heinisch, M.A. - Chairperson
Prof. Dr. Phil C. Langer
Prof. Dr. Konrad Schnabel
Jacob Segler, Student M.A. Psychologie - Chairperson

Contact: If you have experienced discrimination, you are free to get in contact with us any time through our personal email addresses or our central email address: diversity(at) We guarantee that your inquiry will be handled confidentially.

The diversity representatives are happy to accept any suggestions and ideas about participation to our central email address.

IPU Diversity Policy and Concept