Prof. Dr. phil. Andreas Hamburger

Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis,
Intervention, Analytic Psychotherapy, Supervision,
Social Trauma, Applied Psychoanalysis, Film Anaylsis

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b - Room 1.04
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-718
E-Mail: andreas.hamburger(at)

My main areas of expertise are:

  • Comparative intervention theory with a focus on psychoanalysis and social trauma, both in the Master of Psychology and in the international elective CST, integrated in the international research network Social Trauma. There, students learn in close contact with international researchers.
  • Developmental psychopathology
  • Qualitative process research with a focus on the psychoanalytic-hermeneutic method "Scenic-Narrative Microanalysis" (SNMA).

Supervision of bachelor and master theses as well as dissertations in the fields of trauma research, supervision research, microanalysis and film analysis.

"Scenic-Narrative Microanalysis" (SNMA) was developed since 2007 together with Dori Laub (Yale University Videotestimony Study) in the context of eyewitness interviews with survivors of the Shoah and later found further applications, e.g. in the research group "Rhythm-Balance-Resonance" and in supervision research.

Another strand of my intellectual work deals with psychoanalytic reflections on philosophy, art and culture. Currently, the focus is on work on film psychoanalysis based on a reception-oriented film psychoanalytic approach (Hamburger, 2018a).

Selected research projects

  • Since 2019 “Psychoanalysis as Dance - Aesthetics and Performance of Rupture Moments”. With Jasmin Bleimling, Veronika Heller, Karolin Blattmann and Jurian Krupp.

    The interdisciplinary project (psychology / dance studies) aims to describe the performative signatures of psychotherapy sessions by means of a multi-perspective investigation. Currently, a pilot study is exploring procedural and cognition-generating entanglements of psychoanalysis, psychology, linguistics, movement analysis and dance science. Phenomena that can be grasped under the separating metaphor of "rupture" are to be densely described and conceptualised using hermeneutic, empirical and dance-scientific methods.
  • 2014-2019 "Rhythm-Balance-Resonance" Research group with Gabriele Brandstetter (Dance Studies, FU Berlin), Michael Buchholz (Conversation Analysis, IPU) and Christoph Wulf (Pedagogical Anthropology, FU Berlin) and the collaborators Marie-Luise Alder, Jasmin Bleimling, Michael Dittmann, Florian Dreyer, Veronika Heller, Ingrid Kellermann. Multi-perspective investigation of temporal fit and disruption in emergent moments (Brandstetter et al., 2018).
  • 2012-2019 Psychoanalytic Case-Oriented Team Supervision in Youth Services (PSASUP). 26 supervision groups comparing psychoanalytic and classical supervision (treatment as usual). The effect was recorded with validated questionnaire instruments; audiographed sessions were examined qualitatively (with Jurian Krupp; Hamburger & Vogelheim, 2019).
  • Since 2012 International network social trauma TTM/MTT/STICS (with N. Atanassov & C. Hancheva , Sofia, S. Chtouris & A. Zissi, Lesvos; G. Djigić & V. Hedrih, Niš; A. Hadžić & S. Tutnjević, Banja Luka; Dženana Husremović, L. Kasumagic, M. Koso-Drljević, Sarajevo; D. Arsenijević, Tuzla; G. Özçürümez Bilgili & S. Özçürümez, Ankara; C. Scher, IPU Berlin) (Hamburger, 2018; Hamburger et al, 2018; Hamburger, Hancheva & Özçürümez, 2019; Hamburger, Hancheva & Volkan, 2020).
  • 2007-2018 Forgotten Victims. On the Re-Narritivization of Lost Life Stories of Shoah Victims Diagnosed and Treated as Chronically Psychotic (with Dori Laub, Yale University and Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Sigmund Freud Institute) (Laub & Hamburger, 2016).