IT Support

Support for the use of IPU net services

The IT Support pages provide information and instructions on setting up and using primary IT services, such as setting up the IPU email mailbox or setting up wireless access on campus. The information offered is constantly updated and expanded.

Please find the IT Support welcome Week presentation here: IPU-IT-Support-Introduction-Oct2022-EN.pdf (log in with your IPU e-mail address and IPU password)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Access to electronic library resources without VPN

A VPN connection is no longer required to access the library's electronic resources (databases, journals and eBooks) from off-campus. When accessing the resources via the links on the IPU library pages, you will in future be asked to authenticate yourself with your IPU credentials. You can find further instructions here:

Access to electronic library resources without VPN (PDF)


Office 365 Pro Plus - Microsoft Office
During your studies or your membership at the IPU Berlin, you can use Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Apps free of charge. You are entitled to install the Office package on up to 5 computers (Windows or Mac OS X) as well as on up to 5 mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). Simply log on to with your IPU e-mail address and IPU password and download the software.

SPSS Statistics - Statistical Analyses
Members of the IPU Berlin can use SPSS free of charge within the scope of the license agreement.

EndNote - Reference Management Software
Under the Campus License Agreement, the current version of the EndNote literature management software is available for download by all IPU members.

Click here for the download area (registration with IPU access data required)


Setting up the IPU e-mail address
The e-mail system of IPU Berlin offers access to e-mails via e-mail program or web browser via Outlook Web App.

Access to your e-mails via web browser
Convenient access to your e-mails via web browser is possible via the address or directly via the Webmail link (in the MyCampus menu in the top right-hand corner of the IPU homepage).

Setup on smartphones, tablets and in e-mail programs
You can set up your IPU mailbox with any standard e-mail software. To do this, you will need the following information.

Create a new account of the type "Other" - "IMAP" and enter your username, password and the server name both for the incoming mail server as well as for the outgoing mail server. Note that these entries are not optional.

Incoming mail server

Type: IMAP
Server name:
Port: 993
Connection security: SSL/TLS

Outgoing mail server

Type: SMTP
Port: 587
Connection security: TLS

The outgoing mail server requires authentication with a user name and password (SMTP-Auth)

WiFi on Campus

The wifi network eduroam enables IPU members and members of cooperating research institutions to securely connect to the Internet connection on campus. Additionally, you can use wifi access at thousands of universities and research institutions worldwide free of charge. In Germany alone, there are over 1,500 eduroam hotspots. In Berlin, for example, you can use the wifi in the libraries of state universities.

Please note: Your eduroam user name is your IPU e-mail address. Don't forget

Use the convenient eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool for setup:

Some systems require the root certificate "T-Telesec Global Root Class 2" for manual installation, which you can download here: T-Telesec Global Root Class 2

For iOS and Android, we recommend the geteduroam app

Copy Print Scan

For copying, printing and scanning several multifunction devices and a printer are available in Haus2 and Haus3b. You can send print jobs from the computers in Haus2, 3rd floor, in the library and from the terminal in Haus3b, ground floor. Alternatively, your can upload PDF files from your own device via "mobilePrint". However, please be sure to follow the important instructions on mobilePrint.

To retrieve documents scanned on the copier, please log on to

FAQ – IT-Support at IPU

Questions and Answers for IT use at IPU

Frequently Asked Questions for IT Use

You can change your password in CampusNet or via our Webmail service.

CampusNet: In the "My CampusNet" menu select "My User Account" an click on "Change Password"

Webmail: Log in at, click the settings gear on the top right and select "Options". Navigate to "General" - "My Account" an click on "Change your password".

No, automatic forwarding of IPU e-mails to accounts external to IPU is not possible.

No, access to the e-mail program is only possible with IMAP4.

Frequently Asked Questions for eduroam

Eduroam is an acronym for education roaming and identifies an international network of educational and research institutions that allow their members to use each other’s internet services.

How is eduroam advantageous for me?

Through IPU‘s participation in eduroam, you have the possibility to use your IPU username and password to access Wifi connections at thousands of universities and research facilities worldwide free of charge. In Germany alone, there are over 1,500 eduroam hotspots. In Berlin, for example, you can use the Wifi in public university libraries with your IPU login.

Due to the instituted authentication method (PEAP-MSCHAPv2), it is guaranteed at all times that the communication of your login details is encrypted between your device and the IPU Berlin server. If you want to connect to eduroam at another institution, an encrypted tunnel is built from your device to IPU Berlin. The IPU server verifies your login details and shares them with the partner institution, that you are allowed to use the eduroam network services from there. The partner institution does not have access to your login details at any point. The verification always takes place on the IPU Berlin server.

Your username for logging into an eduroam hotspot is your username plus (generally also your e-mail address). Because it is possible that there is a lisa.mueller at IPU Berlin and also at LMU München, eduroam needs to know whether the verification should take place at IPU or at LMU. The username makes sure that IPU is asked whether Lisa Müller’s password is correct and if she can use eduroam.