Funding Body

Funding Body

The IPU is a state-recognised private university with its campus and administration in Berlin. The International Psychoanalytic University Berlin gGmbH limited liability company is the body responsible for the university, and the sole shareholder of the company is currently the Foundation to Promote University Psychoanalysis. The latter is a non-profit foundation with legal capacity established under German public law.

Supervisory Board of the IPU Berlin gGmbH limited liability company

Prof. Dr. Christa Rohde-Dachser

Chair of the Foundation Council

Prof. Dr. Joachim Küchenhoff

Chair of the Supervisory Committee

Dr. Thilo Eith

Dr. Ingo Fessmann

Prof. Dr. Lilli Gast

Dr. Jürgen Schneider

Dr. Christoph E. Walker

Founding Principle

How it was founded – What it is

Lectures Began at the IPU in 2009. The foundation of the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin resulted from an initiative by Prof. Dr. Christa Rohde-Dachser and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Körner. They established the non-profit "Gesellschaft zur Förderung der universitären Psychoanalyse mbH" (Limited Liability Society to Promote University Psychoanalysis) with the aim of setting up a private psychoanalytically-oriented university in Berlin. The IPU commenced its teaching and research activities in the autumn of 2009.

Psychoanalysis has been a highly effective method for treating psychic and psychosomatic illnesses for more than 100 years. With its wide methodogical variants, it has provided lasting help to vast numbers of patients, both female and male. Psychoanalytical psychotherapy and psychotherapy founded on depth psychology are – in addition to behavioural therapy - the only psychotherapeutic methods which are financed by the health insurance companies in Germany.

From the very beginning psychoanalysis has left its mark on the psychology, social science and cultural studies of western civilisation. It is a "life science" because it understands the human as an individual personality, but also as a social and cultural being. Today the time has come to affirm psychoanalysis and its importance at the universities once more. And this is the aim of the IPU Berlin.

IPU Foundation Founder

Prof. Dr. Christa Rohde-Dachser

Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Christa Rohde-Dachser established the Foundation to Promote University Psychoanalysis. The foundation is the sole shareholder and patron of the non-profit International Psychoanalytic University Berlin gGmbH limited liability company. The non-profit company is in turn the body responsible for the state-recognised IPU International Psychoanalytic University Berlin third level institute. Prof. Dr. Christa Rohde-Dachser is a sociologist and psychoanalyst and Professor Emeritus for Psychoanalysis at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Her research work focuses on personality disorders and the psychoanalysis of gender difference.

IPU's Founding and Honorary President

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Körner

Prof. Dr. disc. pol. Jürgen Körner is a qualified Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Professor Emeritus of Social Pedagogy at the Free University (FU) Berlin. His research work focuses on theories and methods of psychoanalysis and adolescent delinquency. He acted as the Founding President of the IPU until July 2012. During his term as President, he oversaw the complete establishment of the IPU as a new private university. In order to satisfy the growth in the number of students attending the university, further rooms were rented and extensively modernised, additional university lecturing staff were appointed at the IPU and even the number of administrative staff grew. Following his retirement, Professor Körner has continued to remain linked to the IPU, where he provides his knowledge and experience.