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Our team is dedicated to integrating the issue of sustainability in all areas of IPU Berlin. Universities play an important role in societal transformation processes. There is a scientific consensus that global warming must be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era in order to prevent devastating consequences However, current efforts to achieve this climate goal in industrial societies are not nearly sufficient. Against this backdrop, we want to try to assume social responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that the issue of sustainability is implemented in the university community, in research and teaching, but also in operations and governance.


E-Mail: green.office(at)ipu-berlin.de

Office hours:

During the lecture-free period the office hours take place online. Please write us an email if you want to join.

Event series in the summer semester 2023
"The Climate is Changing: How Can We?"


  • Workshop mit Dr. Sebastian Bobeth
    "Psychology to Action: Promoting Sustainability at Universities"
    17.05. -- 6pm -- 91b-room4 -- English


  • Sally Weintrobe
    "Bursting the Climate Bubble"
    13.06.2023 -- 20 Uhr -- Room 91b-04 -- English 


  • Panel Discussion
    "Psychology in the Climate Crisis: Call for Action"
    Prof. Dr. Susanne Lanwerd,
    Prof. Dr. Christine Kirchhoff,
    Prof. Dr. Christian Hoffmann,
    M.Sc. Katharina van Bronswijk
    Dr. Sebastian Bobeth
    27.06.2023 -- 20 Uhr – Raum 91b-4 -- Deutsch  


  • Matthew Adams
    Psychology and the Climate Crisis Beyond Behaviour Change: Critical-, Depth- and Existential Perspectives
    13.07.2023 -- 20 Uhr -- online -- English 


Further information on the event series



Additional events at the IPU
Tuesdays, 2 - 4 pm: "Qualitative Social Research on Climate Change" (Module 15, Prof. Dr. Christine Kirchhoff)


Office hours

During the semester holidays, the GreenOffice Team will be there for you online. Do you want to know how to get active at IPU? Feel free to conact us via e-mail with questions! Or request an online-meeting.

Let's work out together how we can become a more sustainable university.
Looking forward to seeing you!


Further Sustainability Projects:

  • GreenIPU

    Do you enjoy organizing different activities, like quiz nights, event series, clothes swap parties or movie nights? GreenIPU regularly hosts events to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability. Members also meet several times a semester to discuss project planning. We look forward to hearing from you via email!

    Contact: green.ipu@ipu-berlin.de.

  • Climate Protection WG
    The Climate Protection Working Group was formed in 2022 with the goal of making the areas of research, teaching, student body, staff, operations, governance, and external communications more sustainable and to strive for climate-neutral university operations. The working group meets several times a semester to discuss the current status and plan the next steps towards a more sustainable and engaged university.

In the competition of ideas, all students have the chance to contribute to the necessary socio-ecological transformation and by the way win an award and prize money of up to 300€.

We want to invite everyone to think together about how we as IPU can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the first phase, students can choose a sustainability area (energy, recycling, sustainable procurement, research/education or student engagement).  A questionnaire will be handed out and the ideas can be described in 250-500 words by November 12, 2023. 

A jury will decide which ideas will go through to the second round. Then, a second questionnaire will be handed out and students are asked to elaborate their ideas in detail by January 7, 2024. On January 19, we will hold an awards ceremony at the Research Day. The best idea will be awarded with a prize money of 300€ and the implementation of the idea will be ensured. The 2nd +3rd place will be awarded with a certificate, a small prize, and the implementation can be pursued. 


All students can now earn the IPU Sustainability Certificate.

There are several ways to qualify for the certificate. These include attending events, getting involved in initiatives, developing ideas, or writing final papers.

Here you can find the routing slip, which summarizes the requirements.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

What is a GreenOffice?

The GreenOffice model is part of a student movement that started in the Netherlands and then became a global movement. It is based on the idea of transforming universities as important actors in society and to address the climate crisis from here. As IPU GreenOffice we try to act on different levels:

University Community

We support students in realizing their own projects and ideas. For this purpose, we offer regular office hours, where you are welcome to drop by. We also regularly organize competitions regarding ideas for sustainability. And we have introduced the IPU Sustainability Certificate, which you receive for your sustainable engagement and acquisition of knowledge.


Research and Teaching

Are you interested in climate psychology or in the psychoanalytic discourse on the climate crisis? We regularly upload an overview of events taking place surrounding this topic at IPU. We are also hosting an exciting series of events on the topic of the climate crisis and psychoanalysis ourselves in summer semester 2023.

Operations and Governance

Our goal is to put IPU on the path to becoming a climate-neutral university. This includes regular climate audits of university operations and the introduction of waste separation. Through our idea competitions, all IPU members are encouraged to think about how we can make our university more sustainable. Here, the GreenOffice takes on the role of a coordinating office and supports the implementation of projects and ideas.


External Communication

We believe is an important function of universities to support and accompany social change from a scientific perspective. This includes the creation of suitable information and exchange opportunities for civil society and decision-makers in politics, economy and media. The IPU’s unique profile as a psychoanalytic university, a possible contribution to political and social discourse is to make scientific contributions to the emotional, psychosocial and social consequences of climate change. The GreenOffice informs about events and supports the coordination of information and exchange opportunities.


Meet the Team

Amrita Kour

Mira Hummel

Simon Jenke