IPU "Study Abroad" Program

Receive a scholarship to go abroad for one or two exchange semesters!

IPU Berlin maintains an extensive network of partner universities around the world and would like to encourage all IPU students to spend one or even two semesters abroad as part of their studies. Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to improve your language skills and intercultural competences, to develop academically and personally, and to make new friends!

On this page, you will find useful information on the application process as well as the financial support available under the Erasmus+ and PROMOS scholarship programs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: international(at)

We are looking forward to your application!

Who is this program for?

The program is intended for students who have completed their first year of studies and plan to study abroad for 3 to 12 months at one of IPU's partner universities. For Bachelor students interested in this option, it is recommended that they complete a stay abroad in their 5th or 6th semester of studies, while a study abroad in their 3rd or 4th semester is recommended for Master students. Other stays abroad are also possible; however they require more precise consultation and agreement.

Important: Students who receive a scholarship for their stay abroad are required to complete at least 10 ECTS worth of courses at the host university!

Which services does the program offer?

  • You receive a mobility grant for the duration of the studies abroad.
  • Your courses completed abroad can be recognized for your studies at IPU Berlin.
  • You only continue to pay your study fees at the IPU Berlin, and the study fees at the host university are waived.
  • All IPU students who study abroad for a whole semester in the framework of the study abroad program and receive ECTS for recognition at IPU are, upon request, eligible for an extension semester free of charge.

Further Important Information

Depending on the country and the funding program (Erasmus+ Program Countries, Erasmus+ Partner Countries or PROMOS), study abroad can currently be financially supported with €490 to €700 per month.

The financial support for study abroad within the EU program Erasmus+ Program Countries is based on the various living costs in the target countries:

Stays abroad within the framework of the EU program Erasmus+ Partner Countries (currently: Bosnia and Herzegovina) can be financially supported with €700 per month plus a €275 lump sum for travel costs.


Study stays to non-European partner universities can be funded within the framework of the DAAD program PROMOS with a monthly partial scholarship or travel allowance.


  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Sudan: Due to political turmoil, all study abroad visits to Sudan have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Please find a list of IPU's partner universities here.



  • For the winter semester:  31 January (application has to reach the International Office)
  • For the summer semester: 31 July (application has to reach the International Office)

In the event that some funding spots are still available after the deadline, a second round of decisions will take place.


  •     Application form
  •     Letter of motivation (max. 1 page)
  •     Curriculum vitae
  •     Grade overview
  •     Certificate of enrollment
  •     Language certificate in the language of instruction at the host university (can be submitted later)
  •     Sustainable travel form if applicable

Note: Sustainable travel is promoted by the Erasmus+ program. Participants have the opportunity to apply for an additional lump sum of 50 euros and up to four additional travel days for sustainable travel. An additional travel day is subsidyed in the amount of 1/30 of the monthly stipend. To receive this funding, you must submit the green travel application. 

Please send all documents only by e-mail in one PDF file to: international(at)

The International Office of the IPU Berlin first reviews the applications according to formal criteria. If the number of applications exceeds the number of available study places abroad, a commission appointed by the university management will meet to rank the applications.

The following criteria are taken into account:

  • Grades
  • Purpose of the stay abroad
  • Letter of motivation
  • Social engagement

The recognition of study and examination achievements gained abroad at IPU is subject to a structured and transparent procedure that applies equally to all students. The IPU orients itself particularly on the "Criteria for good recognition and good recognition procedures" (in German) published by the HRK.

The following basic criteria apply to all stays abroad:

  • Only courses from state-approved universties can be recognized (which is the case for all IPU partner universities).
  • Courses can only be recognized if they can be assigned to one of the study modules offered at IPU.
  • Within Europe the regulations of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) apply.

Recognition procedure:

  • Before the stay abroad, the first step is to determine the courses you would like to take at the respective host university and discuss your course selection with IPU's responsible recognition officer (currently: Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke). On this basis, you create and complete the so-called Learning Agreement (LA), in which you enter the courses you have chosen abroad and the modules for which they are to be recognized at the IPU. The LA will then be signed by you, by IPU's recognition officer and by the host university. It is a binding agreement for all participants that the chosen courses can be recognized as indicated.
  • Should there be any changes in the choice of course during the stay abroad, these must be approved by both the host university and the IPU, and the LA must be adjusted accordingly.
  • After the stay abroad, the host university will confirm the successful completion of the chosen courses, either directly on the LA or by issuing a separate transcript of records (ToR). The final version of the LA and the ToR must then be submitted to the study office, which will import the recognized courses on CampusNet.

Here you can find IPU's comprehensive "Guide for Recognition of Study and Examination Work Acquired Abroad".

To be accepted at one of IPU's partner universities, it is important to obtain adequate insurance coverage, especially with regards to health insurance.

Within the EU, German health insurance is usually sufficient as it is valid in other EU countries, too. However, we strongly advise you to obtain additional private health insurance as German health insurance only provides limited coverage abroad.

For stays abroad outside of the EU you will most likely need additional private health insurance. Germany has signed some bilateral health insurance agreements with certain non-EU countries, so that your German health insurance is valid there, too. Please ask your health insurance provider whether your German health insurance remains valid abroad or not.

Attention: Please always ask your health insurance company which services it provides abroad and think about additional coverage which for example also includes a home transport in the case of severe illness.

Further information (in German only):



Extra Funding for Students with Children

Students who take their child/children with them to study in an Erasmus+ program country and are single parents during their stay can receive additional funding as a lump sum.

Extra Funding for Students with Disabilities

Students with a GdB (Grad der Behinderung, degree of disability) of at least 30 can receive an additional funding in the form of a monthly lump sum under the Erasmus+ Partner and Erasmus+ Program Countries programs. Students with a GdB of at least 50 can submit a personal application to the IPU to cover additional costs of up to €10.000 for their stay abroad. This application must be submitted at least two months before the start of the mobility.