Options to Stay Abroad for Students of the IPU Berlin


In each phase of their studies, students of the IPU Berlin can undertake a stay abroad. The stay abroad during the Bachelor phase is intended to provide a general insight into another study system, to train intercultural skills and to expand foreign-language competencies.

These elements can be broadened during the Master and PhD phases by the opportunity to focus in-depth on specific research issues and methods. Thanks to the numerous exchange places available, the IPU Berlin is able to assist and support your stays abroad.

Initial information on these areas in available on the following pages:
Studies Abroad with Erasmus+
Traineeships in Other European Countries with Erasmus+
Traineeships in Non-European Countries with PROMOS
Accompanied Study Trips Abroad
Stay Abroad to Write Thesis
Preparatory Language Course at the IPU Berlin
Support for Foreign Students at the IPU Berlin