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Career Guidance Services

Wiebke Stelling
IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 1 - Room 4.02
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-525
E-Mail: wiebke.stelling(at)

Graduates can look forward to a wide range of professional and career opportunities after completing their studies at the IPU. For which reason, the career a student intends to pursue may not be clear at the start of their studies. With the Career Service, we would like to offer you support and guidance on your future career options. The service provides information about all aspects of commencing your future profession or your career reorientation, as well as about professional work placements and the work options available to students so as to gain valuable professional experience. At various events, you can exchange information and advice with representatives from organisations and gain inspiration for your future professional and career path.

Range of Career Service events

  • Career Day – Get together with representatives from organisations on subjects related to work placements and work options (mid-May)
  • Information Event by the psychoanalytical training institutes (start of May)
  • Research Day – With tips and information about degree theses and dissertations, scientific and research-based work placements, as well as project options
  • Mentors from Organisations – Intended for MA Psychology and MA Leadership and Consulting students
  • Dialogue Forum – "Psychoanalysis Meets Organisation"
  • Participation in the alumni meetings and reunions
  • Career Service Portal (with interesting links, IPU Berlin theses and dissertations, work placement positions and job offers both within and outside the IPU)

Professional and Career Preparation Options Integrated into the Studies

  • Obligatory Professional Work Placement
  • Curricular Events: Professional and career preparation events in the BA Psychology course
  • "Psychodynamic Communication Skills" Certificate in the BA Psychology course
  • Talks and conversations with representative from organisations at curricular events

In addition to the options provided above, individual consulting and advice, as well as extracurricular workshops are planned. We are delighted to receive any relevant comments and suggestions.