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Ausschreibungen für Studierende

As part of the DAAD funded scholarship program STIBET III – Matching Funds, the IPU Berlin is thrilled to announce the implementation of two scholarships for international students demonstrating academic excellence, initiating their studies in the MA Psychology study course with a clinical focus (English Track) or the MA Psychology focusing on Organisation - Transformation Processes in Work, Society and Environment  at the IPU Berlin from the winter term of 2022/2023. 


  • The application deadline is 15 May 2022
  • Please find all relevant relevant information here.

Im Rahmen des vom DAAD geförderten Stipendienprogramms STIBET I vergibt das International Office der IPU Berlin aktuell bis zu zwei Stipendien in Höhe von jeweils 450€ für Bildungsausländer, die kurz vor dem Abschluss ihres Studiums stehen.

  • Die Bewerbungsfrist läuft bis zum 30 April 2022.
  • Alle relevanten Informationen zum Bewerbungsverfahren und zu den Förderkriterien finden Sie in der Ausschreibung.

Social Trauma in Changing Societies (STICS) Summer School:
Screening the Scars – The (In-)Visibility of Social Trauma

18.-24.09.2022 / IPU Berlin, Germany

(including the elective course “Social Trauma”)


STICS connects students and professors from nine universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, and Turkey, building upon an intensive ten-year cooperation. The Summer School 2022 aims to compare media discourses with concrete historical backgrounds and psychosocial constitutions of the countries involved. Using feature film as a paradigm, we will show how different problems concerning social trauma are negotiated in different societies and which designs cinema provides to narrativize them. 


In 2022, Screening the Scars, the STICS network’s 11th summer school on Social Trauma, aims to

  • teach students specific knowledge on social trauma and its social and mental health consequences
  • help students develop research skills in the area of Social Trauma in direct contact with researchers and practitioners
  • provide experience in cross-cultural research and teaching


The summer school is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and thus, we are pleased to announce that scholarships are available. Please find all further infromation on our STICS website.

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