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Programme is only offered in German.

Undergraduate Bachelor's programme with additional practice related competencies

The IPU understands the human being as biological, social and cultural. During your studies you will learn to understand the individual by considering the background of personal history and the influence of the unconscious. How people develop in social and societal contexts, how they shape their environment and how a beneficial relationship bond can be created with psychological means - these are central components of the teachings in the Bachelor PsychologyPLUS programme.

As a graduate of this programme, you are particularly well prepared for further study and training opportunities. You will receive additional qualifications in the field of psychodynamic intervention and specialized psychological English.

By studying at the IPU, you are choosing a first-class university with particularly good supervision by professors, lecturers and the staff of the Students Office and the International Office.

From the very beginning, great emphasis is put on combining studies with practice and research. The focus is on psychoanalytically founded psychology. Many of the lecturers are themselves psychotherapists or psychoanalysts and impart their knowledge from the basis of years of experience. The IPU is located in the middle of Berlin, yet in a green setting, directly on the river Spree.

At the IPU, we are not only looking back on a rich past, but also have a keen eye on the future: Since the impending reform of the psychotherapy law will have great impact on the formal and academic aspects of the Bachelor’ degree, we are continuously following this development and, once the new licensing regulations are in place, will create corresponding transition possibilities in this newly developed degree programme, which is expected to start nationwide for the first time in the 2020/21 winter term. The new curriculum will be designed to meet the criteria for a degree in Psychotherapy Studies, a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s programme, at the end of which the students will receive a license for psychotherapeutic practice.

Contents and structure

The Bachelor of Science PsychologyPLUS is designed as six semesters of full-time study with 180 credit points. Its curriculum covers the classic psychological basics, such as general psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, differential psychology, empirical methods and biopsychology.

Experience shows that most psychology students start out with the desire to work within the field of counselling and psychotherapy. The subject areas related to clinical psychology - differential psychology, diagnostics as well as theory and methods of psychological intervention - form a focal point of the curriculum from the first semester onwards and are deepened in higher semesters.

The PLUS in the IPU Bachelor's programme

The IPU Bachelor’s PsychologyPLUS offers a free and certified specialisation in psychodynamic counselling techniques.

In addition to the basic course contents of the Bachelor's programme, you can

  • acquire a certificate in Psychodynamic Conversational Leadership, which is awarded when you complete a block week of supervised training in combination with qualified modules from the regular curriculum.
  • take an English course in which a qualified native speaker teaches psychological and psychoanalytical specialized English.

The certificate "Psychodynamic Conversational Leadership" and the acquisition of subject-specific English skills are extracurricular modules, which can be taken free of charge and which may give an edge to your applications and career prospects after you finish your Bachelor's degree.


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology starts in the summer and winter terms. For the Bachelor's programme in Psychology you need the general higher education entrance qualification or a subject-related higher education entrance qualification according to § 11 Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHg). The law allows a number of different admission options, which are described in more detail in the IPU admission regulations § 4(2).

The IPU strives for a personal selection procedure with interviews with all applicants. You can be enrolled in a higher semester in accordance with § 23a BerlHg, if you can prove that you have completed a course that is sufficiently similar in scope and thematic orientation to the Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the IPU. Competences acquired outside a university can also be considered in the crediting process. The Examinations and Admissions Committee evaluates the preliminary achievements.

Please be aware of the following aspects of the application procedure: The university management reserves the right to postpone or reject any application. In making this decision, it takes into account the overall impression of an application: the applicant's motivation to choose a profession, his or her interests and, if applicable, his or her previous experience and social commitment. The majority of applicants will be invited for an interview. The interview results in a recommendation to the university management which decides on admission or rejection.

Current application deadlines can be found here.

Goals of the Course

At the heart of our Bachelor's Degree in Psychology is the integration of the humanities and psychoanalytical psychology with the natural sciences and academic psychology. With this Bachelor's degree, we at the IPU offer a practice-focused and strongly research-oriented course of study that reflects both the humanities and natural sciences in researching the psyche and prepares you  optimally for the future, your training as a psychotherapist and all the legal changes that surround the field at the moment.

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science, you will be able to work competently and autonomously in the varied fields of applied psychology. You will be able to critically evaluate and apply scientific research results. Many counselling centres like to work with psychology graduates, e.g. in the field of addiction, at schools or in humanitarian aid.

To start training as a psychological psychotherapist the Master's degree is a prerequisite according to current laws and regulations.

International exchange programmes

Through the International Office, the IPU is connected to numerous universities in Europe and around the world. All registered students can spend an internship or an entire semester at one of these partner universities abroad. The recognition of credit points achieved in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is already contractually regulated.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees amount to € 4,750 per semester. Alternatively, payments of € 820 per month are possible. You can pay for your entire studies (6 semesters) as follows:

  • with termination option (semester by semester): € 26,400
  • without termination option (in advance): € 23,000

On top of these fees, all full-time students currently will be charged an additional € 298.80 per semester, which means that students can use the services of the Studierendenwerk (Students’ Union). This also includes the semester ticket, which entitles students to use all public transport in Berlin. Please note that this additional semester fee is subject to change.

Financial support

The IPU participates in the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) programme, a scholarship programme funded by the German government and open to applications from all students. The most important criteria for receiving this scholarship of € 300 per month are previous performance, social commitment and a possible financial need.

And most recently in 2019, the IPU has become a member of the Studentische Darlehenskasse Berlin e.V. (DAKA). This means, that as an IPU student you get a loan with some of the best conditions in the whole of Berlin.


Course of studies

BSc Psychology

Head of the course of studiesProf. Dr. Annette Klein
DegreeBachelor of Science
TypeFull-time degree course
Credits180 credit points
Duration6 semesters
Number of studentsapprox. 70 per academic year
Teaching formatsLecture, practical seminar, in-depth seminar, tutorial
Teaching languageGerman
Study locationInternational Psychoanalytic University Berlin
RequirementsGeneral higher education entrance qualification or subject-related university entrance qualification according to § 11 Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHg)
CostsPayment semesterly € 4,750, monthly € 820 or in advance € 26,400 (with right of termination) or € 23,000 (without right of termination)
Start of studiessummer and winter semesters


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