Ruptures and Utopia in Present Societies: Psychoanalytic Perspectives and Social Critique

IPU Summer School: 4–16 July 2021 / online

The 2021 Summer School "Ruptures and Utopia in Present Societies" took place in July 2021.
A new Summer School will be offered in 2022 with the title "The Future Now?! Interdisciplinary Psychological Perspectives on Global Ruptures, Challenges, and Actions". The 2022 IPU Summer School will take place between 27 June and 8 July 2022. More information will follow soon.

Modern societies are currently in deep crisis: within growing parts of the population, confidence in democratic institutions is seemingly eroding. In many places, the challenges of increasing inequalities, imminent ecological and health catastrophes and worldwide migration movements are being met by means of de-solidarization, national isolation and the return to identitarian constructions. The Covid-19 pandemic and the related political measures have triggered a growing emergence of conspiracy theories. The political discourse is increasingly characterised by emotionality, constituted through a variety of misunderstood emotions, desires and fears underlying the cracks, breaks and divisions within the political sphere. However, these fractures are not only of destructive nature, but offer a utopian potential as well.

What exactly divides modern societies?
What is the function of these cracks?
What utopian potential do they foster?

The Online Summer School “Ruptures and Utopia in Present Societies: Psychoanalytic Perspectives and Social Critique” of the IPU Berlin addresses these questions from sociological, psychological and psychoanalytic perspectives. In a multifaceted program consisting of lectures, workshops and excursions, international scholars and students will engage with the following three topics:

  • Antisemitism and Identity Politics
  • Authoritarianism and the Emergence of Conspiracy Theories
  • Generational Ruptures

Intercultural reflection groups offer students the opportunity to pursue their own experiences with the treated contents. Through an interactive online platform, participants will we able to exchange on the contenst of the summer school during the whole program.

Click here to see the full programm of the summer school. Small changes might still be due.


Who is eligible to apply?
The course is especially designed for master and PhD students from abroad who are studying in the areas of psychology, sociology and cultural studies. Bachelor students must be in their final year of study to be eligible for application. Students should have some previous knowledge in at least one of the topics addressed by the course. We will give preference to applications from students who are writing their bachelor, master or PhD thesis in either Psychoanalysis or Critical Theory. We accept applications from students from all around the world and do not prioritize any particular region. However, it is our aim to compile the most diverse group of students as possible.

What is required for the application?

1. Application Form
2. Letter of Motivation (one page)
3. Transcript of Records and/or last university degree (not necessary if you are a student of the IPU)
4. Short CV (one page)
5. Proof of English language proficiency min. B2
6. If you are applying for a DAAD scholarship, a certificate of current enrolment from your home university is required

Please send all documents together in one PDF file via e-mail to:

Criteria for selection
1. Letter of motivation
2. Academic engagement in related projects
3. Academic performance
4. Regional diversity of participants


The summer school will take place online. The participation fee amounts to 220 Euros. Scholarships holders can participate for free.

DAAD Scholarship

Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

The summer school is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). All participants from abroad have the option to apply for one of approximately twenty DAAD scholarships which comprise the particpation fee of 220 Euros. Scholarships can only be given to students in their bachelor, master or PhD studies who are enrolled at a university during the time of the summer school.

Please send your application to:

Participation and Scholarships for IPU students

Since the Summer School is primarily an event for students from abroad who are not yet studying at a German university, there are only 10 placements available for students of the IPU Berlin. As the event takes place during the lecture period, these spots are available to students who are currently writing their Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

Out of these 10 placements, the IPU Berlin awards 5 scholarships to reimburse the course fee of 220 €.

For all IPU students who receive a scholarship, participation in the whole two weeks of the course is mandatory.

In case you have further questions, we will be happy to answer them by email.