The IPU's Research Profile

The research conducted at the IPU focuses in numerous ways on the effects of unconscious processes in individuals, groups, organisations and societies. Doing so, it recognises the reciprocal linkages between clinical, social and cultural science issues, while being characterised by a multi-perspective, trans-disciplinary approach.

This is accompanied by continuous reflection on methodological and theory of science aspects, in addition to efforts to further develop and differentiate the inventory of methods.

The researchers at the IPU intensively examine and assess methods and differing scientific perspectives and approaches (qualitative and quantitative, hermeneutic and empirical) by means of reflection in an international exchange process. With opportunities for unique scientific creativity resulting from these discourses. The IPU research profile chart provides an overview of the current research fields and subjects.

IPU Research Profile

Thus the current focus of the research at the IPU, in which the various research projects from the scientists at the IPU are arranged and organised, is related to the following areas: Psychotherapy research (process/outcome research), supervision and training research, trauma and violence, critical discourse analysis and concept analysis, virtuality and new media. The exchange processes between the scientists are fostered by means of overlapping areas of content, as well as through the utilisation of similar methodical approaches.