Podcast Series Führung+X: Leadership and Trust in Focus

A collaboration between the Karl Schlecht Foundation and the IPU Berlin Erich Fromm Study Center

As part of the podcast Leadership+Trust, students of the IPU master’s program Leadership and Counseling, speak with key players from the areas of civil society, politics, economics, and sciences on the topic of “Trust in a Crisis”. The podcast was created through a collaboration between the Karl Schlecht Foundation and the Erich Fromm Study Center at IPU Berlin in the context of the Führung+X campaign.

Episode 1: In Conversation with Verena Papke (director of SOS Mediterranee)

In the opening episode, Katrin Schömann-Hölzl speaks with Verena Papke, director of the Sea Rescue Organization SOS Mediterranee, on her understanding of trust and leadership: What does trust mean and how is it formed in a concrete way? As director of SOS Mediterranee, where has your trust been let down, and what role does “good leadership” play in times of crisis?
Project Team “Civil Society Interview”:
Katrin Schömann-Hölzl, Dragan Simicevic, Elke Gröhl, and Magdalena Nagel

Episode 2: In Conversation with Ulrich Fischer (director of the Fischer GmbH & Co. KG fashion house)

In the second interview, Jana Maria Claes speaks with Ulrich Fischer, executive director of the fashion house Fischer GmbH & Co. KG, on his understanding of trust and leadership: How is it possible to build a sense of trust between management and employees? How does one create a smooth transition of power in a family business? What effect does individual mistrust have on the sense of trust in a company?
Project Team “Economy Interview”:
Jana Maria Claes, Johannes Dahle, and Florian Kollewijn

Episode 3: In Conversation with Prof. Dr. Alexander Lorz (Minister of Culture, Hessen)

In the third interview, Christian Bärmann and Ines Jahnel speak with the Hessian Minister of Culture, Prof. Dr. Alexander Lorz. They discuss his understanding of trust and leadership in the current coronavirus crisis, especially with regard to its effects on his leadership and trust in a professional environment. In this conversation it is also made apparent that trust has been an essential element during these times, and that there have been positive changes, which can be continued into the future.
Project Team “Politics Interview”:
Christian Bärmann, Ines Jahnel

Episode 4: In Conversation with Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn (IPU Berlin)

In the fourth episode, Johannes Dahle speaks with Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn. He is the head of the IPU Berlin Leadership and Counseling master’s program and IPU’s Erich Fromm Study Center. This discussion revolves around the role of leadership and trust in academia as well as the meaning of trust in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.
Project Team “Sciences Interview”:
Johannes Dahle, Magdalena Nagel, and Florian Kollewijn

The podcast episodes are part of the FÜHRUNG+X campaign, an initiative of the Karl Schlecht Foundation: www.fuehrungplusx.de /
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