No Thinking Without Feeling: the psychoanalytic university in the heart of Berlin

Psychoanalysis is the study of every single person, their individual world view, and their own feelings. The IPU Berlin is the world’s only psychoanalytic university. The study of psychoanalysis teaches us to challenge all of our own ideas, change our perspectives about the world – and that there are no thoughts that exist independently of feeling. Through psychoanalysis, we systematically learn to understand, recognize, and question. A psychoanalytic perspective can help one to think flexibly and ask questions that allow for ambiguity, instead of searching for conclusive, straightforward answers.

Since 2009, the IPU has offered psychoanalytically oriented study courses in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, cultural studies, and economic systems. We train people within the context of clinical work, ethics, and the social sciences, and the IPU is a place of encounters, mutual reflection – a central place for psychoanalysis in Germany and Europe. Its location in the heart of Berlin, directly on the river Spree, creates optimal opportunity for academic life and for a variety of events. The IPU demonstrates that psychoanalysis is contemporary and scientifically sound – one of the most modern humanities.

What does psychoanalysis mean?

Psychoanalysis is a form of psychotherapy, has its own perspectives, and teaches us to understand. The concept of the unconscious lies at the heart of psychoanalysis.

Is psychoanalysis relevant?

Yes, more so than ever. It is uniquely dedicated – in the sciences and in psychotherapy – to the unsaid, the unseen, and the repressed.

What can we learn from psychoanalysis?

From psychoanalysis we can learn how our thoughts and feelings come about, how we can challenge and recognize how we act in relationships, and why conflicts are important for us as humans.

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