The IPU welcomes Prof. Heidi Levitt

Prof. Heidi Levitt will take over the DAAD-funded Horst Kächele visiting professorship during the summer semester at the IPU Berlin.

IPU President Prof. Jan-Hendrik Olbertz warmly welcomes Prof. Heidi Levitt to the IPU, where she will be the Horst Kächele visiting professor during the summer semester.

Prof. Heidi Levitt of the University of Massachusetts (Boston) is one of the leading international representatives of psychotherapy process research, qualitative methods and LGBTQ+ research. Her psychotherapy research focuses on therapists‘ responsivity and emotional attunement. In recognition of her work in developing qualitative research standards in psychotherapy, Division 5 of the APA granted her the Distinguished Contributions to Qualitative Inquiry Award.

Heidi Levitt follows Prof. Mark Solms at the IPU Berlin, who was the Horst Kächele visiting professor this past winter semester. She will offer several courses during her stay and will be involved in the second installment of the International Horst Kächele Memorial Webinar Series on 9 July.