Horst-Kächele Visiting Professorship at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin

With the help of DAAD funding, the Foundation to Promote University Psychoanalysis has created a position for a visiting professor in memory of Horst Kächele. As part of the visiting professorship, the IPU has created the International Horst Kächele Memorial Webinar Series on Contemporary Psychoanalytic Research, which will be continued on 12 August 2023.

From autumn 2021 until today, Mark Solms, Heidi Levitt and Chris Muran have in turn held the Horst Kächele Visiting Professorship at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin. At the end of this two-year project, we would like to discuss the topic of "Pluralism of Research Approaches in Psychoanalysis" in a joint webinar with the three visiting professors and three junior researchers from the IPU whose projects are associated with them.

Die Projekte:

The professorship is named after Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Horst Kächele (1944-2020), who was a lecturer of international psychoanalytic psychotherapy research and a leading instructor at the IPU since its opening.

This position accompanies and supports the creation of a new master’s approbation course in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, and it strengthens IPU’s international interconnectedness and visibility. Three different internationally renowned researchers will fill the position, each of whom will teach and conduct research at the IPU for one semester.

Winter semester 2021/22: Prof. Mark Solms, Cape Town

Summer semester 2022:    Prof. Heidi Levitt, Boston

Winter semester 2022/23: Prof. Christopher Muran, New York

Summer semester 2023:    Prof. Mark Solms, Cape Town

The visiting professors will bring their respective topics into IPU’s academic curriculum, host information sessions for Berlin experts, and will also contribute to an international webinar series on current topics from psychotherapy research.

Prof. Jan-Hendrik Olbertz    
IPU President  
Prof. Andreas Hamburger
DAAD Visiting Professorship Coordinator

During the International Horst Kächele Webinar Series on Contemporary Psychoanalytic Research, visiting professors will discuss their focal topics with renowned international guests. Students from the IPU, from the visiting professor’s home university, as well as the international professional community will be invited to participate in the webinar. The topics are as follows:

12 February 2022 | 3 – 6pm     
Prof. Mark Solms • Prof. Thomas Fuchs
The Hard Problem of Consciousness

9 July 2022 | 3 – 6pm
Prof. Heidi Levitt • Prof. Sharon Horne • Prof. Phil Langer
Diversifying Guidance through Qualitative Evidence

11 February 2023 | 3 – 6pm
Prof. Chris Muran • Prof. Louis G. Castonguay
Alliance Rupture Repair as a Critical Change Process

12 August 2023 | 3 – 6pm
Prof. Mark Solms • Prof. Heidi Levitt • Prof. Chris Muran
Pluralism of Research Approaches in Psychoanalysis

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