Small SPR Research Award for Jenny Eis

For her international collaborative project, IPU research associate Jenny Eis received an award from the prestigious Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR). SPR is a renowned international society for psychotherapy research which awards individual and collaborative projects annually. Jenny Eis' "Collaborative Project" was awarded $5,000 for her study design.

The research project investigates so-called rupture-repair processes in psychotherapy. Ruptures are the fluctuations and tensions in the therapeutic alliance between psychotherapist and patient. These can manifest in small disagreements or might even lead to therapy discontinuations. A successful repair attempt can correct the strain in the therapeutic alliance and can have a beneficial effect on the therapeutic process and therapy success. The rupture-repair concept has clinical relevance and is intensively researched in current psychotherapy research. The currently ongoing study contributes to the further development of the rupture resolution rating system (3RS) as a measurement tool and compares rupture repair processes in different therapeutic procedures. A special feature of the study is the international composition of the participants. The cooperation with the Universities of Trier, Kassel, Klagenfurt and Mount Sinai Beth Israel allows the participation of patients and therapists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA who use cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and integrative-relational treatment methods.

The Small Research Award was presented to Jenny Eis in June at the 54th International Annual Meeting of the SPR in Dublin. Cooperation partners of the international project are Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz (University of Trier), Prof. Dr. Christoph Flückiger (University of Kassel), Prof. Dr. Sylke Andreas (University of Klagenfurt) and Prof. Dr. J. Christopher Muran (Adelphi University New York). The IPU congratulates Jenny Eis on this outstanding achievement.

On 12 August, Jenny Eis will present her project at the Horst Kächele visiting professorship webinar on "Pluralism of Research Approaches in Psychoanalysis". Guests at the webinar will be the visiting professors of the past semesters, Prof. Dr. Mark Solms and Prof. Dr. Heidi Levitt, as well as Prof. Dr. J. Christopher Muran, who co-developed the rupture-repair concept.

26 July 2023