Prof. Dr. Lutz Wittmann

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy,
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Research

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 2a - Room 2.09
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-810
E-Mail: lutz.wittmann(at)

Teaching Focus

The major part of my teaching activities is located in module 7 BA (basics of clinical psychology) and module 4 MA (psychic disorders). The focus of these activities lies as well on a precise knowledge of all dimensions of abnormal psychology as well as of the theory of technique.

Therefore, a scientific approach including current empirical data is combined with a consequent theory-practice-transfer. Codignola (1977/1986) emphasized that any metapsychologcial claim needs to be tested by the method of interpretation. In this sense I aim at testing the practicability of psychoanalytic scientific contributions by relating them to clinical practice.

For this purpose, clinical material (transcripts/audio/video) from our university outpatient unit are applied. Didactically, I prefer an interactive method combined with student activities as critical discussions, group work short inputs and role play.

Research Focus

My research activities refer to three areas of clinical psychology:

Psychotherapy research: In collaboration with Prof. Michael Linden (Charité Berlin) and Eva Blomert, MA, I am studying distress („side effects“) experienced by patients undergoing psychotherapy

Dream research: In the area of empirical dream research, I am applying the Zurich Dream Process Coding System by Ulrich Moser und Vera Hortig in different contexts. The validation of a questionnaire on posttraumatic nightmares as well as clinical and personal correlates of veterans´ nightmares are further examples.

Psychotraumatology: current research questions refer to the validation of the German translation of an American diagnostic tool as well as the significance of avoidance symptoms for the PTSD-diagnosis.