Prof. Dr. Annette M. Klein

Developmental Psychology

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b - Room 1.14
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-756
E-Mail: annette.klein(at)

Teaching Focus

In the Bachelor's programme, I teach developmental psychology, a very exciting sub-discipline of psychology, which deals with the development of human beings throughout their entire life span, from birth to old age. Typical developmental tasks, the emergence and change of attachments and relationships as well as developments in thinking, learning, memory, language etc. are examined. In addition to typical, normative changes in the life course, disturbances in development and their influencing factors are also discussed.

In the lectures, the basic concepts, theories, methods and research strategies of developmental psychology are developed. In the seminar these contents are deepened in relation to early and middle childhood. The focus is on development processes that can be well observed in everyday life (e.g. early communication of the baby, parent-child interaction, early helping behaviour) and that are relevant for the family (e.g. transition to kindergarten, influences on attachment processes).

In the Master Psychology I teach development theories and developmental psychopathology. The lecture deals with various important developmental psychological theories, with a focus on classical and modern psychoanalytical theories. The seminar on developmental psychopathology deals in depth with problems and disorders that can occur in childhood and adolescence, such as anxieties, eating disorders, depression and their treatment approaches.

Research Focus

Development of internalising symptoms and disorders from preschool to school age: relation to psycho-social (e.g. social skills, parental psychopathology) and biological risk factors (e.g. stress reactivity, genetics)


Parental emotion understanding, parent-child interaction (emotional availability, attachment) its influence of social skills of children; influences of parental mentalizing capacity (reflective functioning)


Association of social-cognitive abilities (e.g. understanding of emotions, theory-of-mind, mentalization) with internalizing symptoms and disorders


Evaluation of Psychoanalytic Short-Term Therapy (PaKT) for children with anxiety disorders and depression; Influencing factors and processes


Development under risk conditions; psychological symptoms and disorders after experience of abuse / neglect


Mental health and prosocial behaviour from pre-school to primary school age: cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of a population sample

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