Representative Graduate Survey

IPU courses are particularly practice-oriented

Alumni and alumnae of the IPU are satisfied with their studies, but also consider the professional relevance of the course contents to be particularly good, as attested by the representative Graduate Panel 2017.

After completing their academic studies, most psychology students still aim at becoming a psychotherapist. The Bachelor's and Master's programmes at the IPU offer optimal conditions for this. This was recently demonstrated by the IPU's excellent results in the CHE university ranking and now again by the graduate survey conducted by the Institute for Applied Statistics (istat), which compares study programmes from several universities. The newly published results of the representative nationwide survey show: The alumni and alumnae consider studying at the IPU to be particularly suitable in terms of practical relevance.

The questions were primarily focused on the transition to the labour market or to post-graduate study courses. In addition, the relationship between their current work situations and their studies was discussed. The IPU graduates were also more than satisfied with this aspect of practical relevance. This first inquiry will be followed up by further surveys in a few years in order to trace the development.

The so-called Graduate Panel 2017 (AP2017) was set up by an association of supraregionally active research institutes. The survey was representative and aimed at the 2017 graduate cohort. It was sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. A total of 12,281 participants took part in the survey.