International Office for Erasmus+ honored by DAAD

Successful mobility project at the IPU Berlin

Under the direction of Carmen Scher, the IPU's International Office has received a commendatory evaluation from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the Erasmus+ project "Mobility with Partner Countries". The project supports the international exchange of students, teachers and university staff. The report states that "modernisation, internationalisation and sustainable development of the higher education system" has been supported by the promotion of individual mobility. The support provided during all phases of the exchange made it possible to "acquire specialist qualifications abroad while at the same time expanding language and intercultural skills".

Special mention was made of the IPU's mobility project with the partner countries Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia: "In the opinion of the National Agency for EU University Cooperation, the project serves as a reference in a national comparison. The present result is excellently suited for further dissemination".

Erasmus+ is a seven-year programme of the European Union (EU). The previous Erasmus programme merged with other cooperation programmes in 2014. The aim is "to improve competences and employability and to promote the modernisation of education, training and child and youth welfare systems".

Higher education student and staff mobility project