Global racism? How 'Soft' imperialism works

Summer School 2022 Public Lectures – Lecture by Jessé Souza

When and where?
On Tuesday, 05.07., 7 to 8:30pm in Lecture Hall 1 (Hörsaal 1) at IPU Berlin or online through Zoom.

Professor Jessé Souza
Professor Jessé Souza is a Brazilian Sociologist. He is one of the bestselling authors in Brazil with 30 books and over 100 articles and book chapters published regarding social theory, Brazilian social thinking and theoretic development. Additionally, he has also done empirical studies on inequality and social classes in contemporary Brazil. As a former president of the IPEA, the most important think tank of the Brazilian Government, he has a deep and academic understanding of sociological issues in Brazil and, to a certain extent, South America.
In professor Souza´s talk “Global racism? How “Soft” imperialism works” he will intend to discuss the form of legitimation of unequal global relations and its effects on the societies of the global south.