Prof. Dr. Christiane Ludwig-Körner (retired)

Psychosocial Intervention

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b - Room 1.09
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-716
E-Mail: christiane.ludwig-koerner(at)

Teaching Focus

Developmental psychology with a focus on early childhood: Prenatal effects on child development, establishment of babies’ attachment and relationships, inhibiting and fostering influences in the first year of life, quality of early care and education institutions. Impact of parents’ mental illnesses on their children. Consequences of experiencing neglect and abuse early in life.

Prevention and Intervention: Forms of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Preventative education, counseling, and psychotherapy. Parent-Infant-Baby psychotherapy. Forms of counseling and crisis intervention.

Clinical Psychology: Risk factors and protective factors, psychosocial crises, symptoms and diagnostics, fields of application for clinical psychology: target groups and settings. Target-group-oriented methods: teen mothers, mentally disordered or drug-addicted parents, families with histories of migration.

Comparing Psychotherapeutic Methods: psychodynamic, humanistic, systemic and behavioral therapy techniques. Differences with regard to target groups and setting (individual, group, family, adults and children). Current developments--for example, relational and intersubjective methods of psychoanalysis and schema therapy within behavioral therapy.

Research Focus

1) Application Research: Development, application, and evaluation of pychodynamic concepts in Parent-Infanct-Baby psychotherapy. Support of projects involving pedagogical-therapeutic work with children and parents during early life.

2) Research on the lives and works of unknown or forgotten female psychoanalysts, such as Anna Freud’s colleagues in “War Nurseries”. The long-overlooked contributions by women to the development of psychoanalytic concepts and their applications in childcare and analytical therapy.

Centre for Early Childhood (under development)

The Centre for Early Childhood combines a variety of activities and programmes to promote the healthy development of children and their families. The aim of the centre is to support families in an interdisciplinary, early and holistic way by providing suitable assistance.

By linking innovative practice, research projects, education and training courses for interdisciplinary specialists and an international network of experts, the Centre provides data for and improves on an exciting field of expertise and research.


The Centre is associated with the International Psychoanalytic University of Berlin and its various clinical and pedagogical research projects. Current research projects are dealing with the effectiveness of parent-infant-psychotherapy in different settings, mentalization and affects, attachment oriented acclimatization in day care, anxiety disorders and treatment of children as well as child education.
(For detailed information on all the projects please see project links below)

Training, Seminar and Conference

The Centre hosts one of Germany`s first trainings for psychoanalytically oriented Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy (Prof. Dr. phil. Christiane Ludwig-Körner). Over the last 20 years approximately 250 participants have been trained and are now supporting parents and their children with attachment oriented counselling and psychotherapy across Germany. In a Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy working group of the IPA founded in 2014, psychoanalysts regularly exchange information about conditions, contents and methods of training in Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy, as well as debating research projects (present and future), method comparison and case studies. Furthermore, the Centre offers trainings, seminars and conferences for interdisciplinary health care professionals in the fields of prevention, intervention, day care and kindergarten. (For further information on upcoming trainings and conferences see links below)


With the „International Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy, Intervention, and Research Network“, the Centre has established a large network of international experts in the field. The aim of the network is to improve the international research activities and collaborations concerning parent-infant-psychotherapy and intervention programmes in the early childhood.

International Members

  • Prof. Jane Barlow: University Warwick, Division of Public Health in the early Years (Warwick, United Kingdom)
  • Prof. Paul Campbell: University of Melbourne, Department of Psychiatry, Infant Mental Health (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Prof. Peter Fonagy: University College of London, Division of Psychology and Language Sience; Anna Freud Centre for Children & Families (London, United Kingdom)
  • Prof. Marinus von IJzendoorn: Erasmus University Rotterdam; Department of Psychology, Education, and Child Studies; Cambridge University; Department of Public Health and Primary Care, School of Clinical Medicine (Rotterdam; Netherlands; Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Prof. Miri Keren, Tel Aviv University Department of Psychiatry (Tel Aviv; Israel)
  • Prof. Kai von Klitzing: University Leipzig, Division of Poliklinik, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescent (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Prof. Maria Muzik: Medical University of Michigan, Perinatal Psychiatry (Michigan, United States of America)
  • Kaija Puura, M.D, Prof., Univerity Tampere, Finnland, Child Psychiatry Department
  • Prof. Joan Raphael-Leff: University College London, Anna Freud Centre Academic Faculty for Psychoanalytic Research; University of Essex, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies (London; Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
  • Prof. Katherine Rosenblum: University of Michigan, Division of Psychiary and Obestrics & Gynecology (Michigan, United States of America
  • Prof. Daniel Schechter: University of Geneva, Division of Psychiatry (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Mark Sossin: Pace University, Division of Psychology (New York City, United States of America)
  • Prof. Mailjs Winberg Salomonsson: Karolinska Institute Medical University; Department of Women's and Children's Health (Stockholm, Sweden)

Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy and Counseling-Training Network

  • Prof. Astrid Berg: University of Cape Town; Stellenbosch Universtiy, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy-Training (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Ph. D. Christine Anzieu-Premmereur: Columbia University; Centre for Psychoanalytic Training and Research; Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy Program (New York, United States of America)
  • Ph. D. Talia Hatzor: Columbia University; Centre for Psychoanalytic Training and Research; Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy Program (New York, United States of America)
  • Hisako Watanabe, MD, PhD: Keio University; Vice President Watanabe Clinic, Director Life Development Center, Kawasaki Nanbu Medical Educational School of Medicine (Keyo, Japan)
  • Susan Yabsley, Training Director and Lead Director, Chief Psychologist with SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (Toronto, Canada)

Members International Psychoanalytic University

  • Prof. Christiane Ludwig-Körner
  • Prof. Lars Kuchinke
  • Prof. Annette Klein
  • Prof. Gunther Meinlschmidt
  • Dr. Gabriele Koch
  • Prof. Evá Hédervári-Heller
  • Prof. Bernd Ahrbeck
  • MA Melanie Eckert
  • MA Janna Mattheß
  • MA Jenny Kaiser

Research Projects


Effectiveness of Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy
Eltern-Säuglings-Kleinkind-Psychotherapien mit Bewohnerinnen gemeinsamer Wohnformen gemäß § 19 SGB VIII von Mutter/Vater-Kind-Einrichtungen


Förderung der Eltern-Kind-Beziehung in Kindergärten - Erwachsenenbildung/ Frühe Hilfen und Frühförderung in einer Hand


Patenschaften im Kindergarten durch Studierende der IPU (K-IPU).