New President of the IPU Berlin

Professor Dr. Ilka Quindeau Assumes IPU Presidency from Professor Dr. Martin Teising

Commencing in the 2018-2019 winter semester, Professor Dr. Ilka Quindeau has been appointed President of the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) Berlin. She is assuming this function from Professor Dr. Martin Teising, who managed the university’s advancement over the last six years. On 18 October, she is giving a talk on "Perspectives for a Psychoanalytic University" in the context of her official appointment to the position.

Like her predecessor before her, the sociologist, psychologist and psychoanalyst has come to Berlin from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. She has a clear vision about psychoanalysis and how it is to be taught and implemented in practice on a university level: "Psychoanalysis is paradigmatic for a transdisciplinary science. Specific psychoanalytic thinking needs exchanges. It has to be brought into contact with other disciplines in order for it to be able to develop and unfold in the most diverse range of areas, such as in the sciences to an equal extent as in therapy, in the working world and indeed in cultural and social contexts."

For her, "psychoanalytic thinking" goes far beyond being a "way of thinking".  Instead, "it consists of an all-embracing attitude that one adopts for oneself and for others, or to put it another way: As a reflective relationship with oneself and the world." And according to Dr. Quindeau, this represents a central objective for studying at the IPU. Likewise, the assumption of social responsibility, as well as the formation of the students’ personalities are of crucial importance for her. "I’ve been very impressed," Dr. Quindeau said, "by the commitment with which the IPU students have applied themselves to supporting refugees for instance, and continue to do so. And that deserves all our support."

She regards the IPU as "a beacon in the university landscape – due also to the powerful practical orientation of its study courses, as well as through its interlocking of science and practice. The challenges of the 21st century require the capacity for independent, critical and innovating thinking above and beyond the limits of one’s own subject or discipline."

By now, the number of students at the IPU has reached about 600 and its internationality continues to be expanded, most recently through the addition of the English-language MA Psychology study course, which has students from 17 countries attending it.  Mutual study courses with universities in Paris and New York are currently under consideration, with the aim of permitting the university’s internationalisation strategy to also be productive and fruitful scientifically.