IPU Sponsor Karl Schlecht Foundation named Scientific Foundation of the Year for 2023

The IPU would like to congratulate the Karl Schlecht Foundation on being named the Scientific Foundation of the Year for 2023. In 2016, the foundation was instrumental in establishing the Erich Fromm Study Center (EFSC) within the IPU. Under the direction of IPU's Professor Thomas Kühn and Fromm's estate trustee Dr. Rainer Funk, the EFSC is dedicated to researching and expanding Erich Fromm's psychological and psychoanalytic work. Through its contribution, the Karl Schlecht Foundation is one of IPU's largest sponsors.

The guiding principle of the Karl Schlecht Foundation is "Good Leadership", which refers to ethical and value oriented scientific leadership. The statement for this year's prize acknowledges the engagement shown by benefactor Karl Schlecht, who has commited himself "passionately and dynamically for the last 25 years to the penetration and connection of economic, ethic, and societal issues in teaching and research". The foundation extensively sponsors education and the sciences, as well as the development of new scientific fields and applied research.

The prize for the Scientific Foundation of the Year is awarded annually by the German University Foundation and the Stifterverband. It recognizes accomplishments from scientific foundations and serves as an incentive to establish foundations and fund scientific projects. In 2014, the prize was awarded to the Foundation for the Promotion of University Psychoanalysis, which sponsors the IPU Berlin as a non-profit limited liability company.

21 March 2023