Understanding the past to form the future

Introduction to sociodrama and psychodrama (10 years IPU)

The re-enactment of an individual, biographical topic is called "psychodrama". Group issues and collective concerns can be explored by means of "sociodrama".  That is what we want to do on the topic of "10 years IPU". We will have a closer look at the journey the IPU has already undertaken and at the people who are shaping its future.

Both sociodrama and psychodrama have their origins in the work of Jacob Levy Moreno (1889–1974). Moreno was a contemporary of Freud, but chose a different approach to make difficult and complex topics processable. On the one hand, most of his methods are created for the work within groups. On the other hand, the focus is on acting rather than talking.

The event will be conducted by Christoph Buckel. He is a psychologist and sociodramatist who works as an organizational consultant mainly in the field of change management. His main interest lies in the art of balancing individual and collective needs.

31 January 2020, 6 to 9 p.m.

Hörsaal 1 (3rd floor), Stromstr. 2, 10555 Berlin

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