What your patients are not telling you: Translating findings from qualitative psychotherapy research into practice

Workshop at the IPU Berlin in cooperation with the Berlin Chamber of Psychotherapists.

When and where?

Tuesday, 19 July 2022, 7 pm
Lecture room 1 (Hörsaal 1), Stromstraße 2, 10555 Berlin

The event takes place in presence.

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About the workshop

In this talk, Prof. Heidi Levitt describes findings from qualitative research that suggest that psychotherapy patients are often defer to their therapists or guess at what they therapist might prefer to hear. This talk considers the role of both professional and cultural power and their potentially detrimental impact on the therapeutic process. While professional power is something that all therapists hold by virtue of their credentials and status as therapist, cultural power is given to identities and experiences that are valued differentially in our society. In this talk, we consider how these forms of power interact to create an atmosphere in which clients report being less than forthcoming about their in-session experiences or histories.  Examples are drawn from meta-analytic research focused on silences in psychotherapy and from research focused on gender and sexual minority clients.  Recommendations are made on how to build a relationship in which both cultural and professional power are considered and in which trust might be established more readily.