Library Talk: Jacques Lacan – The Basics

Join us for an enlightening session at the International Psychoanalytic University Library, where Dr. Leon S. Brenner will engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Prof. Calum Neill, the author of "Jacques Lacan  The Basics." This dialogue promises to demystify the complex ideas of Jacques Lacan, one of the most influential figures in twentieth-century psychoanalysis, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Prof. Neill's book serves as a crucial bridge for those daunted by the intricacy of Lacanian thought, offering a clear and concise exploration of fundamental concepts such as the mirror stage, the triad of the Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Real, as well as Lacan's notions of objet petit a, desire, and the unconscious. Utilizing examples from popular culture, this work not only elucidates Lacan's theories but also demonstrates their application across various disciplines including psychology, politics, literature, and the arts.

The discussion will delve into how Lacan's work challenges and enriches our understanding of psychoanalytic theory, emphasizing the significance of drive and desire in both individual and collective contexts. Through an engaging overview of the book's chapters, from Lacan's biography to the philosophical underpinnings of his work, attendees will gain insights into the relevance of Lacanian theory in contemporary scholarship and its potential for future exploration.

This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in the intersections of psychoanalysis, culture, and society, as well as for students and scholars across the fields of psychology, cultural studies, and the humanities. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of Jacques Lacan's pivotal contributions to psychoanalytic theory and their ongoing impact on diverse areas of study.

Calum Neill is a distinguished Professor of Psychoanalysis and Continental Philosophy at Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Renowned for his expertise in Lacanian theory, Neill serves as the editor of the Palgrave Lacan Series, a pivotal resource for scholars and students delving into the complex ideas of Jacques Lacan. His scholarly contributions include authoring seminal works such as "Without Ground: Lacanian Ethics and the Assumption of Subjectivity," "Ethics and Psychology: Beyond Codes of Practice," and "Jacques Lacan: The Basics," which demystifies Lacan's theories for a broader audience. Additionally, Neill has collaborated with Derek Hook and Stijn Vanhuele in editing the comprehensive four-volume series "Reading Lacan's Ecrits," further cementing his reputation as a leading figure in the study of psychoanalysis and continental philosophy.

Dr. Leon S. Brenner is a lecturer at the International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin. He is a member of the APPI, LOB, and a founder of Lacanian Affinities Berlin (laLAB) and Unconscious Berlin. His latest book on the subject of the psychoanalysis of autism is called The Autistic Subject: On the Threshold of Language, where he presents a novel account of autistic subjectivity from a Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective.

Details and Registration

On 23 May at 7 pmvia Zoom.

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