In Kandel's Footsteps: Epigenetic and Therapeutic Change

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Juan Pablo Jiménez

After briefly introducing the Millennium Institute for Depression and Personality Research (MIDAP), the presentation goes on to review the evidence for the impact of early life adversity on the adult brain and psychopathology. It is hypothesised, following Eric Kandel, that this impact is mediated through epigenetic mechanisms. A gene-environment interaction model that accounts for epigenetic action and the results of a pilot study on epigenetic changes in a group of Borderline adolescents during psychotherapy are presented.

Professor Juan Pablo Jiménez, Dr. Med (Ulm Universität, Germany). Director, Millennium Institute for Research in Depression and personality (MIDSP). Professor of Psychiatry, Universidad de Chile. Psychoanalyst (APSAN, IPA).

Where and when?

Wednesday, 28 September 2022, 18.30h
Hörsaal 1
Stromstr. 2
10555 Berlin