Ilija Dojchinovski

M.A., Research Associate

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b - Room 1.48
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-500
E-Mail: ilija.dojchinovski(at)

Teaching Focus

My main area of interest in teaching is in applied diagnostics. During the seminars, students will become familiar with different test procedures, their quality criteria and different possibilities for their application. We will discuss challenges and problems which arise when these procedures are used in practice. During the semester, bachelor students will also conduct an examination themselves. They will apply tests independently with their own examinees, and will write a short report based on the results. Master students will prepare presentations about applied psychological diagnostics in various areas, such as health psychology, neuropsychology, child psychology, geropsychology, psychotherapy and counselling, quality of life, suicidality and so on.

Research Focus

My main research interest is in the area of psychotherapy. I am particularly interested in exploring the potential of psychodrama psychotherapy to enhance a meaning in life, as well as to support other important aspects of mental life (values, identity) and thereby to improve quality of life. The group of people I will be studying are students, who want to study abroad, or foreign students studying in Germany within various exchange programs. The cultural aspects of psychometrics also attract my interest, especially procedures for adapting a questionnaire into another language. Part of my research will involve the adaptation of a questionnaire measuring meaning in life into the Macedonian language.