Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Ph.D.

Research Associate

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b - Room 1.15
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-726
E-Mail: a.dimitrijevic(at)

Teaching Focus

I have been teaching various clinical psychology courses for almost twenty years now. I have taught psychology of mental health, psychological prevention, community psychology, psychoanalysis, and many others, on all levels of university studies and in psychoanalytic institutes. In all of them, I felt it was most important to “translate” concepts and definitions into everyday clinical practice, and from there return to artistic intuitions and cultural contexts that frame them both.

Over the last two years I mostly gave lectures in “Introduction to psychoanalysis” and “Psychotherapeutic interventions.” In the former, I try to cover development in psychoanalytic thinking and work, from Freud to Winnicott to relational psychoanalysis, with regard to its basic dimensions: psychoanalysis as therapy, personality theory, developmental theory, scientific discipline, and Weltanschauung. In the latter, I focus on elements of the practical work (resistance, countertransference, etc), as well as on the different schools of psychotherapy.

Research Focus

The focus of my research has, in recent years, been on three fields: initially, on the influences of arts on the development of psychoanalysis; then, I worked on translating into Serbian, creating and validating attachment and mentalization questionnaires, as well as on studying attachment in various clinical samples; finally, I have recently been involved in archival research of documents related to early psychoanalysis.

Further Info

Office hours by appointment.