Using Graphological Reports to Identify Leadership Qualities

Cooperation Partner: Dr. Christa Hagenmeyer, Graphologin
Research Associate: MA (Psych.) Anja Maja Wernekinck
Financed by: The Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG)

11/2016–11/2017 / Project Head: Prof. Dr. Konrad Schnabel

Project Description

This one-year pilot project intends to establish an overview of the special opportunities provided by graphological reports when taking personnel decisions and to evaluate examples of applications on the basis of an innovative design. The aim is to ascertain and map out any potential specific usages of graphological reports for modern business practice.

Over the last few decades, a progressive decline of the application of graphological reports in the selection of personnel has been noted – something which has also been motivated by empirical findings.

We initially intend in the research project, by taking qualitative interviews and exemplary development processes, to explore the question of whether meticulously and rigorously differentially defined graphological reports really do constitute a unique and valuable diagnostic approach when selecting personnel. It is currently planned to conduct an in-depth exploration of the findings gained here in a follow-up project and to replicate them for a wider range of professional groups

Project Head

Prof. Dr. Konrad Schnabel
IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b - Room 1.16
10555 Berlin