Scientific staff

Dorothea von Haebler

Prof. Dr. med., Interdisciplinary Psychosis Therapy

1. What is the focus of your research and teaching?
Teaching and lecturing: Needs-based and interdisciplinary, i.e. inter-professional psychosis therapy in which the process itself remain open; psychodynamic psychosis psychotherapy; psychosis psychotherapy methods; theoretical and neuroscientific basis of the psychosis phenomenon; case study seminars.

Currently: Development of a manual for the modified psychodynamic psychotherapy of people with psychoses; conducting a randomised-controlled efficacy study in cooperation with the Charité university hospital (Dr. Christiane Montag): Modified Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Patients with Schizophrenia (MPP-S Study).
Previously: Basic neuroscientific research on epilepsy and schizophrenia.

2. What can students learn from you personally?
The ability to perceive commonalities in conflict-ridden situations while preserving any differences. To not regard theory as an end in itself. To have courage when handling confusing emotions such as fear or helplessness in the relationship with people with psychoses. To achieve progress with things and unite people under a common aim.

3. Do you have a motto on life? Or a favourite quote?
Currently: Curiosity and an open attitude and no expectations in terms of any goals to be fulfilled.

Foto Prof. Dr. Dorothea von Haebler