Scientific staff

Rainer Bösel

Prof. em. Dr. phil., General Psychology – retired

1. What is the focus of your research and teaching?
In the teaching field I focus on basic psychological studies of general psychology and neuropsychology. Likewise our research work is basic research. We attempt, using brain research methods and especially with the help of electroencephalography (EEG) to explain the brain mechanisms during the steering and controlling of social behaviours. We are convinced that the architecture of the brain mechanisms makes a fundamental contribution to explaining the structure of behaviour and experience.

2. What is the content you convey in your module?
General psychology is concerned especially with the human functions in perception, thinking and acting. This knowledge also provides the starting point for all practical activities in psychology. The findings in the basic subject areas are gained and confirmed by means of highly varied methods. To that extent, the central learning aim is for you to become familiar with the biological and neurological principles, as well as with the sources of information, their methodogical approaches and the most important models in general psychology and neuropsychology.

3. What can students learn from you?
In my scientific work to date, I dealt for many years with highly varied aspects of psychological thinking and approaches. Taking this experience as a basis, I would like to enable and encourage students to always examine and analyse in new and different ways the methods and findings of modern psychology.

4. What is it about psychoanalysis and psychology that excites you?
Neuropsychology especially is a very young science in which you constantly encounter new and interesting research perspectives. In this regard you are dealing with determinables which are objective and related to the natural sciences, as well as with the subjective human experience and with social reality. Now what can be more exciting than connecting these things together in order to understand them better?

5. Have you got a motto on life or a favourite saying?
Not a motto, but rather a conviction: Human knowledge and ability is basically limited. And for that very reason it only makes sense to consider how people can reciprocally support each other under these conditions. And this is something we can certainly do better the more we know about the prerequisites for human behaviour and experience.

Foto Rainer Bösel