The Impact of Psychotherapy on the Therapist (TIPT)

Since 2017 / Project Heads: Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke, Prof. Dr. Konrad Schnabel
Project Associate: Anja Maja Wernekinck

Funding: IPU start-up financing

Project Description
Therapy as an emotional process consists of the social structure between therapist and patient. Contrary to current research on how therapy influences the characteristics and states of the patient, TIPT aims to investigate the influence and impact of therapeutic work on the therapist. Basically, we assume that process variables of therapy influence the personality of the therapist and therefore expect, if there is this direction of action related to the therapist, that the differences in different aspects of personality between experienced and less experienced therapists can be demonstrated.

Project Heads
Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke

Prof. Dr. Konrad Schnabel

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b
10555 Berlin

Project Associate
M.A. Psych. Anja Maja Wernekinck

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b
10555 Berlin