Talking & Cure – What is it that cures?

Call for Paper for the 9th International Conference on Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy (ICCA-P)

Talking, speaking, is a fundamental part of any kind of psychotherapy. One of Sigmund Freud's earliest patients coined psychoanalysis a "talking cure". Conversation analysis calls it "talk-in-interaction". At the "International Conference on Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy (ICCA-P) 2019", both perspectives will be combined – that of „talk“ and the psychoanalytical perspective of „cure“: what cures when two people speak to each other? This relationship of talk and cure lies at the heart of the psychotherapeutic endeavor, it can be studied with more than one conceptual tool.

Freud integrated this double perspective as an "inseparable bond („Junktim“) between cure and research". He observed that "knowledge brought therapeutic success“ and „it wsa impossible to treat a patient without learning something new.“ Even more: „it was impossible to gain fresh insight without perceiving its beneficent results“.

Today, we know, something more is required than „knowledge“ (in German: „Erkenntnis“) and to better understand this „something more“ while just talking is one of the aims of this year’s conference.

From 20 to 23 June 2019, the 9th ICCAP at the IPU Berlin will take up the „Junktim“ and update it under the topic "Talking & Cure - A Binocular View on Psychotherapeutic Interaction".

International experts from conversation analysis and psychotherapeutic practice and research will be presenters at the conference, including Peter Fonagy and Ivan Leudar with a controversial discussion between clinical and research perspectives.

The Call for Papers is active since December 1st and invites all those interested in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and conversation analysis to submit a paper for a panel or to organize a whole panel. Deadline is 28 February 2019, further information can be found on the ICCAP website:

Registration is also particularly worthwhile for students: The first 10 student tickets are free of charge.