Information for students and university staff

Network "Trauma, Trust and Memory"

A DAAD-supported research network in Central and South Eastern Europe

Funding Period: 01.01.2013 – 31.12.2016
Project Head: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hamburger

The project has established a transnational network for interdisciplinary and psychoanalytic trauma research, sustained and supported by young scientists. It contributes to the overcoming of individual and social experiences of traumatisation, and creates conditions for subjective and collective reconciliation.

Research initiatives from Bosnia-Herzegovina (Republika Srpska and Federation), Serbia and Bulgaria have been linked with German and international psychoanalytic trauma-research projects: Psychotherapy research, epidemiological studies, basic studies of trauma experience and processing, and – as a special feature of the network – studies on the cultural processing of collective trauma by means of literature and film analyses.

The transfer of clinical and cultural-studies competencies represents a specific feature of the IPU Berlin. Its project team is highly experienced in these fields, as well as in hosting and moderating scientific dialogues.

In its first two years, it proved possible to set up and conduct mutual project audits, project-related training events and pan-regional presentations at the summer school, a coordinator conference, a multi-part lecture series in two countries, a fellow-training event and three Sur‐Place scholarships on the theme of the research network utilising differing methodical approaches in Bosnia‐Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria and Germany. The synergies gained in decentralised research efforts were utilised in mutual and external training processes (fellow-training events, workshops) in order to validate instruments that adequately fulfil the complex subject of trauma and trauma processing, as well as to develop cross-methodical triangulation perspectives and design QM mechanisms, and prepare future options for bilateral third-party funding proposals. Through this cooperation, it was possible to establish a transregional and interdisciplinary research network. The latter evaluates, specifies, and publishes research findings on a regional level and addresses novel, mutual research questions on the multilateral level.

Project team of the IPU Berlin:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hamburger (Project Spokesperson)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Horst Kächele

Prof. Dr. Annette Streeck‐Fischer

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wittmann

Carmen Scher M.A. (Coordinator)

Silvia Dröge (Assistance)

Partner Universities:

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH)
University of Banja Luka
Dr. Slavica Tutnjević
Faculty of Philosophy

University of Sarajevo
Dr. Sabina Alispahić
Department of Psychology

Dr. Larisa Kasumagić
Department of English Language and Education

Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH    
Prof. Dr. Dubravko Lovrenović
Department of History

Bulgaria (BG)
Sofia St. Kliment Ohrid University
Chief Asst. Prof. Camellia Hancheva
Department of General, Experimental and Genetic Psychology

New Bulgarian University (NBU) Sofia
Prof. Dr. Nikola Atanassov
Department of Cognitive and Social Psychology

Serbia (SRB)
University of Belgrade
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Dimitrijević
Department of Psychology

University of Niš
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Hedrih
Department of Psychology