Information for students and university staff

Migration – Trauma in Transition

A DAAD Funded Research Network in Central and South Eastern Europe

Funding Period:
01.03.2017 – 31.12.2018, with an annual extension option
Project Head:
Professor Dr. Andreas Hamburger

The "Migration – Trauma in Transition" project is the successor to the "Trauma, Trust and Memory" project, which established a transnational network for interdisciplinary and psychoanalytic trauma research, sustained and supported by young scientists.
Against the background of the question: "How should contradictory group identities be handled in democratic discourses?", the intention is to now apply the shared knowledge on social trauma, as well as the understanding of culture that was developed to migration. For this purpose, experts from the sciences and practice are working together with students in workshops, in order to assess and examine the interconnection between social trauma and the refugee situation. Parallel to this, a specialised Master programme is providing an introduction to the fundamental knowledge here.

The already established network has gained experience in the handling of ethnic conflicts, as well as in the establishment and development of a network on the basis of shared historical roots. The transfer of clinical-cultural science competencies represents a specific feature of the IPU Berlin, whose project team have extensive experience in these fields, as well as in hosting and moderating scientific dialogues.

The project has two decisive aims. On the one hand, results and findings should be gained from the dialogue between research and practice, which are presented to decision-makers from administrative areas and NGOs. On the other hand, media workshops and book publications are planned, intended to stimulate discussions among professionals and the general public. The intention with these is to advance the sustainable development of academic education and research, as well as to support young researchers and scientists, in addition to having cross-border cooperation in the region.

Project Team of the IPU Berlin:

Professor Dr. Andreas Hamburger (Project Spokesperson)

Professor Dr. Dr. Horst Kächele

Professor Dr. Annette Streeck-Fischer

Carmen Scher MA (Coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Phil Langer

Partner Universities:

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH)
University of Banja Luka
Dr. Slavica Tutnjević
Faculty of Philosophy

University of Sarajevo
Department of Psychology
Assoc. Professor Dženana Husremović

Bulgaria (BG)
Sofia St. Kliment Ohrid University
Chief Asst. Professor Camellia Hancheva
Department of General, Experimental and Genetic Psychology

New Bulgarian University (NBU) Sofia
Professor Dr. Nikola Atanassov
Department of Cognitive and Social Psychology

Serbien (SRB)
University of Belgrade
Department of Psychology
Assis. Professor Biljana Stanković

University of Niš
Professor Dr. Vladimir Hedrih
Department of Psychology

Bilkent University
Professor Saime Özcürümez
Political Sciences

University of the Aegean
Professor Sotiris Xtouris
Department of Psychology