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German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

National Agency for EU Universities Cooperation

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) acts as the German national agency for EU university cooperative efforts and is at the same time the largest funding organisation in the world supporting the international exchange of students and scholars. Since it was founded in 1925, more than 1.5 million scholars in Germany and abroad have received DAAD funding. It is a registered association and its members are German institutions of higher education and student bodies. Its activities go far beyond simply awarding grants and scholarships. The DAAD supports the internationalisation of German universities, promotes German studies and the German language abroad, assists developing countries in establishing effective universities and advises decision-makers on matters of cultural, education and development policy.

The DAAD's programmes have the following five strategic goals:

  • to encourage outstanding young students and academics from abroad to come to Germany for study and research visits and, if possible, to maintain contact with them as partners lifelong;
  • to qualify young German researchers and professionals at the very best institutions around the world in a spirit of tolerance and openness;
  • to promote the internationality and appeal of Germany's institutions of higher education;
  • to support German language, literature and cultural studies at foreign universities;
  • to assist developing countries in the southern hemisphere and reforming countries in the former East Bloc in the establishment of effective higher education systems.

The IPU Berlin avails of numerous services and options provided by the DAAD. In this regard it utilises especially the new and expanded Erasmus+ mobility programme for cooperative arrangements within the European university sphere. With the assistance of the DAAD PROMOS funding line, the IPU Berlin is also establishing and expanding its contacts beyond Europe, while it utilises the STIBET programme to support the foreign students enrolled at the IPU Berlin. Moreover, the IPU Berlin avails of the options offered for structural support and promotion in the cooperation and stabilisation of the university sphere in the Balkans.

The Online Scholarship Database of the DAAD can be accessed by everyone interested in receiving information about the support options for their study, research, internship or teaching period abroad.

Specific to ERASMUS+: