Stress Experiences during Psychotherapy

10/2018–09/2019 / Project Heads: Professor Dr. Lutz Wittmann (IPU Berlin) and Professor Dr. Linden (Charité Berlin)
Research Associate: Eva Blomert MA

Background to the Study
The aim of the study is to gain an exact picture of the stress aspects that patients can experience during psychotherapy. This is an important subject in the optimisation of the therapy and the protection of the patient. We are investigating psychoanalysis, depth psychology-based psychotherapy and behavioural therapy in parallel during the study.

Implementation and Design
In order to gain an insight into the stress experience of patients, we need to conduct an interview with the respective therapist and an interview with the respective patient. In addition, the patients are requested to fill out a questionnaire on aspects of the sociodemography, the psychopathological stress and the therapeutic relationship, as well as on the structural level.

Information for Interested Therapists
We would require about an hour of your time so as to speak to you about one of your patients, who should be suffering from a depressive or somatoform disorder (F. 32; F.33 or F.45) and who has already completed at least 15 weeks of therapy. Patients with the following diagnoses are excluded from the study:  F.00 to F. 09 (organic disorders); F.20 to F.29 (psychotic spectrum); F.44.81 (dissociative identity disorder); F.45.2 (hypochondria); F. 60.2 and F60.3 (antisocial and emotionally unstable personality disorder). We will not exchange any information between the therapist and the patient during the study.

The interview can be conducted in the rooms of the IPU’s University Outpatient Service, as well as in the therapists’ own practices.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, we are available to answer them after today’s event, as indeed at any other time by telephone under the number 030 300117 803 or by email: eva.blomert(at)

We are looking forward to your participation.