Social and Cultural Cooperation Between the IPU and KKC Bochum

Since October, the IPU and the Hans Kilian and Lotte Köhler Center for Social and Cultural Psychology and Historical Anthropology (KKC) Bochum have been cooperating on research projects and the creation of various courses.

left to right: Jürgen Straub, Lilli Gast, Birgit Stürmer, Pradeep Chakkarath, Jan-Hendrik Olbertz

The IPU and the KKC have begun a long-term cooperation in research and teaching. In addition to scholastic projects, which, for example, investigate the relationship between social analysis and psychoanalysis, the institutions are planning to create courses, doctoral colloquiums, and symposia together. This cooperation also includes other institutions, and is meant to strengthen the presence of psychoanalysis in German universities and create a sustainable relationship to the neighboring disciplines of subject theory, and the social and cultural sciences, especially cultural psychology. The first IPU-KKC Postdoc Fellowship has already been granted to Leon S. Brenner.

On 21 October 2021, representatives of the KKC visited the IPU for two lectures on contemporary cultural psychology. You can listen to audio recordings of both lectures (in German) here.

Jürgen Straub: What is Cultural Psychology? An action theory perspective and its normative implications
Pradeep Chakkarath: Cultural Psychology and Indigenous Psychologies from a Postcolonial Perspective (begins at approx. 35:49)