Self-criticism in depressed patients in the Munich Psychotherapy Study (MPS)

2019 - 2021 / Lead: Dr. Ulrike Dinger-Ehrenthal

Cooperation with University Clinic Heidelberg

Project Outline
In the debate of mechanism of change in psychotherapy, self-criticism becomes more and more important. Self-criticism is defined as someone´s tendency to criticize themselves constantly and excessively, the constant fear of making mistakes, being hostile and derogatory against oneself in reaction to failure and weakness. The Project cooperation aims to show the connection between change in self-criticism and depressive symptoms of patients in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy from the Munich Psychotherapy Study (MPS).

Method: 45 patients (23 in psychoanalytic and 22 in psychodynamic psychotherapy) were analyzed using an innovative rating instrument, measuring self-criticism from an objective rater perspective using audio recordings of the therapy sessions. Depressive symptoms were measured with BDI-II and SCL-90. Self-criticism and depressive symptoms were measured pre-, 1,5 years and 3 years post treatment.

Aims: The project shows if changes in self-criticism over the course of therapy predict changes in depressive symptoms. Additionally, the level of depressive symptoms pre-treatment and the type of psychotherapy will be analyzed.

Project Team
IPU Berlin
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dorothea Huber

Imke Grimm, M.A. Psych.
Phone: +49 30 300 117-776

University Clinic Heidelberg
Dr. Ulrike Dinger-Ehrenthal
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M.Sc. Christina Löw
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