Recording Emphatic Expressivity in Music Production

Project Heads: Lars Kuchinke (IPU), Jin Kim (Musicology, Humboldt University (HU) Berlin)
Research Associate: Christina Müller

2016–2017 / Project Heads: Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jin Hyun Kim

Project Description

The research project takes as its starting point the working hypothesis that a musician, on the basis of a process simulating actions that underlie music production, feels a sense of empathy in a related musical performance and can experience empathic expressivity doing so. The research focus of the project is directed towards the self-experience of the musician with regard to the empathic expressivity effected over the course of the music production, as well as the neuronal mechanisms underlying it.

In the context of the cooperation project between neuroscience (Lars Kuchinke, IPU Berlin) and systematic musicology (Jin Kim, HU Berlin), the intention is to develop appropriate neurodynamic approaches for examining temporally occurring processes of self-experience by the musician. The aim is to record, analyse and quantify the temporal structures of the musical expressivity experience being reported in the first person in the interview with already existing and further developed methods, which are based on a second-person phenomenological interview technique perspective, so as to ultimately associate these with neuronal activation data to be surveyed parallel to the music production.

With this approach, this pilot project may be regarded as foremost in the development of a first-person neuroscience which avails of phenomenological techniques – and which could potentially be applied in a broad context.

Prof. Dr. Lars Kuchinke
IPU Berlin
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