Prof. Dr. Gunther Meinlschmidt

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

IPU Berlin
Stromstr. 3b
10555 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 117-710
E-Mail: gunther.meinlschmidt(at)

Teaching Focus

In teaching, I put a focus on the close integration of research and practice, implemented by a problem or practice-oriented teaching. I am trying to find ways to link scientific knowledge and clinical practice. For me, teaching at university is always - in addition to conveying content - a space in which new ideas, paths, and possibilities can be considered, mutually exchanged, and developed. I am grateful for many things that I was able to learn and experience myself as university teacher. As psychotherapist, I am trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (including so-called "third wave" approaches) and systemic therapy. I am delighted to have the opportunity – together with other IPU colleagues that are trained as clinicians – to look at psychotherapy from different orientations.

Further, learning types and learning needs are usually very individual, which is important to acknowledge when teaching; Overall I am guided by the approach to promote individual biographies. In this context, the provided guidance may covers a range of fields, e.g., helping students and young colleagues to find their own style as psychologist or therapist; to take the right next career step; to explore how science and practice can best be combined for them, etc.

Research Focus

My research that I enjoy conducting with many partners and colleagues, is driven by the question: how can we better understand and better manage mental health and mental disorders across the lifespan and across generations in children, adolescents and adults? And what can we do to promote mental and physical health? Thereby, I place a special emphasis on symptoms and health aspects at the interfaces of psychology and medicine, and of the mind, brain and body. Furthermore, I am interested in new technologies in the context of mental disorders, psychotherapy and health promotion: how can we use their benefits? What are opportunities, what are risks? Last but not least, I am interested in the process of knowledge-creation, knowledge-transfer and implementation, and in new ways to promote them.