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Email: skkippi(at)ipu-berlin.de
SKKIPPI Secretariat: 030-300 117 775

Parents who are interested in the treatment methods for parent-infant-toddler psychotherapy (German: Eltern-Säugling-Kleinkind-Psychotherapie, ESKP) can participate in the “SKKIPPI” evaluation study. ESKP, which is conducted by specially qualified therapists, can provide support and relief to both parents and children through the joint treatment structure. As part of the study, the therapists are also under supervision so that they can contribute results on this method’s effectiveness in Germany.

Study Coordinator and Diagnostician: Nina Marin (M.Sc. Psychologist, Psychotherapist i.A.)
Tel: 030/300 117-747
Email: traumatherapie.studie(at)ipu-berlin.de

No new patients will be enrolled for the study.

The ENHANCE trauma study offers survivors of sexual abuse or violence during childhood and adolescence the opportunity to receive up to 30 weekly therapy sessions with specially trained therapists over the course of 6-8 months. After a thorough diagnostic process, the psychotherapy can begin immediately or after a waiting period of 6 months. All therapists in this study are supervised and evaluated for the purpose of improving their knowledge of post-traumatic stress disorder and their therapy practice in general.

Research and Teaching

The IPU Berlin outpatient clinic is closely connected with the university principle of teaching and research. The field of scientific psychotherapy research is primarily interested in the effectiveness and specific factors of change in recognized psychotherapy methods. Research projects are accompanied by a meticulous diagnostic process and an examination by the IPU ethics commission. Moreover, students have the possibility during their studies to gain practical experiences and impressions, for example, through their thesis work.