Outcome Studies on Psychoanalysis: an international Cooperation

Third party funding: International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA)

2012 to 2019 / Project Head: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dorothea Huber

Project Description

As no verification has been provided to date of the particular effectiveness of psychoanalysis which is conducted at a frequency of four hours per week, the question of the effectivity of the psychoanalysis should be pursued in a multi-centered study with an international basis. To date, the following have participated in the development of the design: Stephan Doering (Vienna), Steven Roose (New York), Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber (Frankfurt), Olavi Lindfors (Helsinki), Dorothea Huber (Berlin, Munich). All of the psychotherapy scientists and researchers named have already gained relevant experience in conducting psychotherapy comparative studies.

Using a randomised prospective control group design, psychoanalysis and behavioural therapy in practice are to be compared with each other. The measurement instruments for the evaluation of the effectivity relate to both the symptom changes as well as to those changes beyond the symptoms (change in the personality structure, the interpersonal issues, the quality of life). The patients to be included in the study suffer from an anxiety disorder or depressive disorders. Likewise, the significance of the therapist variable for the therapy success is to be surveyed. The measurement of the therapy adherence is to occur using the COPPS Adherence Scale.

Two 2-day coordination meetings have been held to date in the Clinic for Psychoanalysis in Vienna.

Head of the project at the IPU

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dorothea Huber
International Psychonalytic University
Stromstraße 3b
10555 Berlin
E-Mail: dorothea.huber(at)ipu-berlin.de