Mentalisation and Affect: Micro-affective Behaviour of High and Low Reflexive Mothers in Interaction with Their Children (MAMIK Study)

Research Associate: Jenny Kaiser, M.A.
Financed by: Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture

10/2016–09/2019 / Project Head: Prof. Dr. Dr. Horst Kächele

Background to the study

The object of the study is to investigate micro-affective processes, in terms of how they occur in the interactions between mothers and their children, as an important component of the relationship structure. The intention is to examine in what ways the interactional behaviour of mother-child pairs differs.

A study is to be undertaken of the extent to which differences in the parental mentalisation ability and the mental health of the children are related to their relationship behaviour. The aim is have a more in-depth exploration of these interrelations and integrate this into the development of a therapeutic intervention measure for parent and their children.

Information for interested parents

We are seeking mothers with their children in the 4 to 6 age group, who are willing to spend 20 minutes playing together. Their play activities will be recorded on video. Subsequently, the mothers are requested to fill out questionnaires. A playful interview will be conducted with the children so as to record their socio-emotional understanding. Collecting the study data will take a maximum of 2 hours in total.

Parents participating in the study receive an expense allowance of €30, as well as a personal information package on request.

We are looking forward to you joining our study.

Email: projekt.mamik(at)